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  1. I rang the court and asked what the latest state of play was and they said it had been struck out and I would not be sent any further letters etc as it states in the order I got that the claim would be struck out if the documents were not received by the 5th July which they were not...does that sound about right? And today I have received a letter from Hillesden stating that they are following up my request for the original documents and will get back to me with an update in the next 21 days!!
  2. yep thats what the email said...Il wait for the paperwork then update the post, thanks emandcole
  3. All, just had an email from Northampton CC advising that the claimant has not complied with the order and the case is struck out!! Is that it...all over??
  4. Hi all, got a letter in the post today from Northampton CC and its details for a hearing that took place a few days ago so the judge has issued a order for the claimant to file and send to me copies of the documents set out which are the credit agreement and the default notice. they have until the 5th to comply or the case shall be struck out without further notice. If they do comply I am allowed to file a defence and serve a defence within 14 days.. So if I dont get anything from them by the 5th is that it or is it not that simple? Thanks,
  5. Fantastic...thanks again for everything..il get this sent off and let you know when i get a response
  6. Ok nearly done...Ive ticked what info will I be relying on etc and put the info in the box provided, Ive listed 3 CPR requests and proof of postgage and listed the 3 letters as attachments. so is that it now good to go? I dont need a seperate witness statement?
  7. Fantastic, I am dealing this now, I spoke to the court today and they said its 40.00 so I will send a cheque...how long should I leave it before I send this request to the court. One final question..as I submitting my evidence on the form ie CPR requests will that be enough and wont need a seperate witness statement?
  8. oops cant believe we both posted at the same time!! I will read your thread now freethemice.
  9. Ok after a days reading on here I am totally read out..and thanks to everyone has chipped in its much appreciated. Ok so Ive used the template that PT and emancole posted and left the blanks. I have taken the stature barred out of the statement as I am not confident about this and as pointed out earlier why would I want disclosure if I could 100% prove it was SB. One question I do have is do I need to include everthing that has happend to date in my statement OR do I just need to highlight the 3 attempts to get them to disclose (letters and proof of postage) and that this has put me at a disadvantage to defend. Many thanks guys.
  10. I take your point, I will leave out the SB as I dont feel I can prove its not. Il send the N244 off asking for an order to disclose the documents under the CPR request. I will take out the SB from the witness statement, will it be ok to go then? Also should I send copies of the the 3 letters with proof that I have sent to the claimant asking for the info? thanks again I appreciated your time and advice
  11. Guys do I have a time limit to get this N244 or do I have a bit of time ?
  12. I did get some info back on the SAR request I sent them...there are many entrys in June/July 05, spoke to mum, spoke to third party, spoke to mum, no answer etc, then spoke to me and discussed payments and that they would send me a payment book!! this is all on my mothers telephone number by the way and it was my mother they spoke to..this was why I was going to submit the SB in my witness statement....what do you think guys? is it worth it?
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