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  1. if you cant CCA request a mobile phone debt. how can you get the company to prove that the debt has been purchased legally?
  2. and that shoddy print out doesnt prove anything?
  3. Im assuming this time they think that i am either completely stupid, or gullable, or perhaps both? either way this latest installement is an insult to say the least. This letter is in response to my request for a VALID! cca agreement, which, was received by them and signed for on 14/05/2008. So, some 2 months later here it is! enjoy! should i just ignore? what complete muppets!
  4. Hi ODC so far Red/lowell/whatever have had a cca request and then a futher letter in response to correspondence from them. now they are ringing again. what do i do now?
  5. they havent aknowledged receipt of my cca though. however i DO have a recorded delivery signed for proof
  6. had a new letter today - god theyre like a stuck record. its the VERY first letter they send. Dear Mr X we are dealing with your account on behalf of blahdeblah £x. before so n so to avoid bankrupty etc
  7. there you go mate YouTube - Popcorn by Hot Butter!!! (Original) just 4 u and a rare glimps into a day in the life of a lowell gimp YouTube - Barney and Friends: Gone Fishing Part 2
  8. awesome - i'll sit back and enjoy the show then. popcorn anyone?
  9. ODC are you saying that i should just ignore the letter and see what happens? no more phone calls since the CCA request was sent
  10. not quite sure i understand mate. what info do you want? what the letter says exactly?
  11. I sent my CCA request to Lowell on the 13th of May and it was recorded delivery - rec'd 15th i came home today to a letter from Red collection services. our client bla bla i am in a possition today to offer you and early settlement figure with a discount of x im sure you'll agree this is an excellent offer etc etc so where do i stand? they are in breach of data protection? or can they get away with this due to being a different company? do i need to cca them again?
  12. ok thanks people. one last question what if they DO supply it now? is it tough as its been too long?
  13. so thats it? is it worth me pursuing them after 30days? or should i just enjoy the peace and quiet?
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