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  1. im sorry one more thing always and i mean always read contracts before you sign them. i am an honest person and when i am processing a credit agreement i don't make 'mistakes' like putting it on easiplan 'by accident'. but i always always point out how the payments work and what happens if they arn't met etc etc etc.

  2. Hi after more phone calls on Monday (1 hour) to customer services I eventually was put through to the tech guys who promised to send packaging for the zen this arrived yesterday Wednesday and we should be able to track this packet with RM. I will let you know if they repair or replace with vouchers. My advice is not to use currys whateverhappens cover as they do not seem interested in small item,s such as a zen.


    I'm not holding my breath for an improvement in the attitude of Curry's.

    your other option had you asked would have been to leave it at the store and be picked up from there (you can obtain a repair docket which is your proof they have the item). however what i would have suggested in this instance is record the date you report the fault obtain paperwork if you can and if it isn't sorted within the 21 days then ring whatever happens and ask for it to be wrote off :)

  3. Hmm I phoned Curries who said you have a 14 day period to change the finance. The guy I spoke to then asked which plan I WAS on and I said the EasyPlan, he then said that it was a flexable plan and that although you can't change the payments you can pay any amount of the balance off you wish at any time and then only pay the interest on the period it is owed, as I was told when I agreed to it.

    I said that completely contridicted what the agreement said even if I was sold it as that and also that HFC said that I didn't have a flexable option and he had no idea why. Anyway after calling HFC and unfortunately going through an indian call centre which was quite hard work I managed to get soem details to set up a standing order.

    I then got a local branch number and the girl said I could pay with a paying in book she would send me.


    So all just panic over some pretty bad documentation :)

    and you can change the payments on easiplan i work in currys and i did it myself on a tv i purchased for my mother. what i did was to ring hfc let them know i was increasing my payments and cancelling the direct debit. so what i actually did was to cancel the direct debit and set up a standing order. hope this helps

  4. Ok so I had been wanting to buy an Xbox 360 for a little while and thought I would take advantage of getting one on a deal in Curries and take them up on the flexible payment plan. I earn enough that I wanted to pay it off in 6 months as I had no desire to pay for an xbox over 4 years!


    Anyway the finance was explained to me and described as a flexable payment plan with a default payment of £8 something a month. I made it clear that I intended to significantly increase this so that it could be paid off within a few months. It was calculated for me that I would in doing so pay very little interest.


    I had a phonecall from the finance company Curries use (OCA HFC) after a quick chat the woman said upping my payments wasn't an option on my plan.


    Having just looked over my agreement it says nothing of the sort :( i'm on the wrong plan!

    the flexible finance option is the easiplan option the ifo is the interest free option which has a £25 admin fee which hfc charge (not currys)

  5. Dear God, a decent currys employee!!


    Really though, It sounds like you've given a decent service. I've had some real heavy feuds with currys and how their employees, managers and even their nationwide customer service DON'T KNOW THE LAW.


    Last time it took a representative of a TV manufacturer to tell them what the law actually is.


    Anyway, it'll be good for you to start reading the law on sale of goods... I find it quite interesting... there's loads to be learnt on this site. Maybe you can teach your managers something? :rolleyes:

    my store manager is actually very good everything i know or have learned (about retail etc) is from him :)

  6. Are you sure? i heard there was a government cover up, and all illegal aliens from the planet dork, were 'planted' in stores like currys etc to gather 'intelligence'. i mean seriously, have you seen some of the staff? if they are not aliens i don't know who is.

    you can comment how you like on other employees but until you have been served by me you have no right to judge ;)

  7. Know what you mean, been in a lot of shops where customers are giving the shop employee dogs abuse, when it's obvious they are only doing their job. Hope you've not had too much of the same.






    i've been threatened, but i just try to keep calm. i want to do my best for everybody but when people are aggresive i feel like why should i?

    i live in Gala btw was born in Sunderland.

  8. Hello and Welcome, Aneurism.


    There is a Forum Dedicated to Curry/Dixons stuff here....




    Thought you might like to have a look, and maybe answer some of the questions asked. Hope to see you around the site.





    i've had a quick look there the best advice i can give to anyone is to try to keep calm there's nothing worse than having a customer coming in all guns blazing. we as employees are humans too and dont deserve a lot of the abuse we get.

  9. i had a lady come into my store last week with a problem regarding her fridge that she had purchased the day before. Basically the fridge had a dent on the door (just a small one) she had purchased a whatever happens service agreement for three years. I asked her what she wanted to happen and she said she was happy to have someone come out to replace the door, so i proceeded to ring whatever happens on her behalf, and arranged for a engineer to call her to arrange a suitable time to go out to replace the door. she seemed happy with this and thanking me left the store.


    a couple days later she arrives back in the store (quite cheery and calm and collected). basically the engineer who was going to go out to repair the product was on holiday (which i myself find annoying) so i said right ok do you have the machine with you to which she replied yes, so i decided to go take a look at the unit to determine the actual damage, sure enough there was a dent on the door (it was a very small dent which would not and did not effect the actual use of the machine) so i said ok we'll see if i can get an uplift number so i can switch the machine over for you (even though the dent 'could' have been caused by the customer on their journey home from the store) sure enough i get the uplift number for them and do a swap over and provide the customer with a brand new machine. they seemed very happy with this.


    and might i add i did my best for the customer because they did not come in all guns blazing they came in and calmly explained their situatuion to me and i helped ( i believe to the best of my abilities to sort their problem)


    i work in galashiels in currys and the only compolaint i have ever had was a woman asking what the battery life was on a portable dvd player, to which i replied roughly 1 and a half hours depending. she turned round to me and said 1 and a half roughly thats not a good enough andswer so she stormed away, i approached her again and said excuse me she said one and a half isn't a good enough answer i said well you can't give an exact time for these things it depends on volume levels and if your constantly skipping backawards and forwards etc etc etc she said it doesn't matter i'll go to comet where i'll get a proper answer to which i said fine and left it at that. i walked away and she proceeded to go to my duty manager to tell them i'd walked away from them and wouldnt give them a 'correct' answer to their question.

    i will be honest i think she was way out of line and i actually had a good laugh about this with myself.


    so i work in Currys in Galashiels and i always try my best for my customers. as far as i am concerned my customers are my 'responsiblity' from the moment i am approached or i approach them. i constantly have customers coming back to me (even though we arn't commision based) and if im on holiday the generally wait till im back and come back to see me, this makes me proud and i have a fantastic rapport with a lot of customers.


    i cant think of anything else to type at this particular moment in time but would like comments oppinions etc cheers!

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