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  1. Sorry to hear you been treated in such a manner that neither store or police took your role or potentially extenuating circumstances into account, being under pressure / work load / previous history if any. What i dont get is didnt they offer you a police caution at all, years gone by first offence for specific crimes would just earn you a caution, unless you've got any police history? Just seems a little unfair , unless cautions dont exist any more, what exactly is a resolution order, a promise not to commit the same offence within the year, else you could be charged
  2. Hi Mike, Personally am concerned having read your story as I've got multiple collectors harassing me daily with one (Speed credit) a similar story where I couldn't settle payment online or get through to anyone on phone, although I mailed they passed it through 3 companies within 5-6 weeks and now have Northern Debt Recovery and Marshall Hoare threatening legal, have you actually received a court date written from the courts ? I'm afraid because the collectors have applied 400% interest and continue to refuse coming to an agreement Be interested in your case progression if you don
  3. Hi DX I'd like to follow this case, but can't find where it's moved to, could you provide link to where in 'Legal' it is please
  4. Danny don't know if you work there still, can you help on the below as anxiety and depression I got under control since my last period of 'sickness' due to financial stress a year ago, is just about starting to creep in after spending half an hour on your site only to get a 404 website error, considering 33 x £8.99 charges, I'd love to hear about me even getting the benefit of the service you provide on just 1 occasion. Has anyone else been so stupid as to let this number of payments go by without being picked up? It would be nice if you guys had mailed or even called me once in a while to s
  5. I've just discovered 'Postnet t/a L' appeared under my direct debit list by chance yesterday, calling Barclays it appears they've taken 33 x £8.99 over the last 3 years, whether my stupidity or not my blood is boiling at 3am I tried to submit a refund request through their website but get a '404' error so that don't even go through, They don't seem to have a number that can be called and although Barclays are going to try raise an 'Indemnity DD case ' what ever that maybe, I need to devote some time to making known that I must have been misled and certainly haven't benefited from what e
  6. MMF been calling my work line too for a couple of months after they had said they removed all details - I want to record a call into them now but please send CCL number
  7. Hi I am in similar position with Mini credit, they dont do a great job of providing methods of contacting them - How would i send a letter to the Data Controller and what is their responsibility ?
  8. Will draft letter tonight and see how it goes, thanks for the input guys
  9. Has anyone got another email contact for Barclays, it seems Paul Maddox is no longer there getting an 'invalid' response today. Its only been a couple of weeks since getting posted - Any help would be appreciated as my branch manager has always got excuses
  10. Hi OHH just wanted to know how you getting on with Marshall Hoares as I got the same mail today, £400 become £1100 so far, and I had what looks like intentional errors which others mentioned too like address and no '£' besides the figures, know there's a reason but can't remember why? Good luck J'
  11. BY LETTER AND EMAILReference: BAILIFF/INTR/17341621Client: Speed Credit - Speed Credit Loan***Client Ref:*17341621Date:*13/04/2013Dear Ahmed,We are writing to give you formal notice that Speed Credit has legally engaged Marshall Hoares Bailiffs to recover the above debt. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited will now handle all recovery.Our records show that you have failed to make payments / not come to an acceptable payment arrangement/ not responded to correspondences / when agents have visited your addresses you have not answered.*We intend to pursue you fully for all outstandin
  12. Hi Renegadimp /All, 26/02 I disputed charges to speed credit and in little over a month it's now with MH bailiffs as of today, receiving the same mail below as others, I'm going to complain to OFT, but do you think I should make token payment or say deal with my DMP (SC/NDR declined dealing with 3rd party of installments) They tried calling and text both my work mobile and personal today, I need get them to stop calling my work mobile as its a concern but not sure what to quote or handle?
  13. Dark globe that's some great suggestions, i had £150 loan from mini credit last year and within a month it went up to £1k,despite trying to get help from debt line they refused to deal with any 3rd party and without notice continued trying to take cash from my account multiple times a week and twice on some days, eventually some how Barclays processed their request and even though I didn't have an over draft facility, the day before my salary a £1150 plus some £25 charges showed up. Despite calling Barclays 4 tomes that night they said they could do nothing to help, if I had signed any agreeme
  14. Hi Crocdoc Great info and exactly the sections I need to support my case, only issue is i don't have written evidence of my cpa /DD cancellation request before payment were taken but all done over phone which although the above quotes you can cancel cpa by any method, only thing I think that may help me is that when I asked for every thing to be cancelled, i also got new card, it was then another 3 weeks before mini credit took first payment of £25 followed £1250. I don't have over draft yet these charges showed as a minus day before salary and even when I called then I was told I could
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