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  1. Hi everyone, As you all know its been the festive season and I kind of let things slide a little, anyway I have spent a couple of days catching up. We now have three complaints in with the F.O.S. for mis-sold PPIs. Mint are well overdue with the S.A.R. having cashed the £10.00 cheque in early December, so they now have seven days to respond or they go to the next level. We received a phone call from Mint a couple of days ago, asking if we were happy with the way the problem had been handled and were we happy with the outcome. Barclays Bank! What can I say? Still we have received no furt
  2. Hi everyone, I have received two S.A.Rs, M.B.N.A and cap1 (not Mint as first posted). Both have told me to sod off. I have written to both, advising of the amount being claimed and that I have forwarded all information to the FOS. Barclays bank, now you wouldn't like a night out with them would you! We applied for a S.A.R. back int October and so far have ony received half of my staements, so its pen to paper again to explain how they have not complied with the Data Protection Act 1998, and have given them 7 days or i shall apply to the County Court for an order to enforce compliance.
  3. Hi Oggy1, These people must think we were born yesterday. I have just received my S.A.R. from M.B.N.A. (virgin) in which they have sent a copy of a ppi purchase form, with a tick in the box and no signature. They have written ' I confirm that the tick in the box is a valid means of establishing the authenticity and integrity of my signature', which is very funny as they sold ppi to me over the phone. From the S.A.R. I have calculated the amount of ppi paid, using the On-Line Interest Calculator, have added interest at 8% APR. The total figure has been sent back to M.B.N.A. informing the
  4. Hi everyone, here we go! Let the games begin... Received our very first S.A.R. (subject access request) this week from Mint, must admit I thought there would be more information than just a printout of all financial transactions. anyway have been able to calculate how much ppi I've paid, and added 8% (is this correct). I'm writing another letter to Mint explaining the error of their ways and requesting repayment of PPIs. wish me luck, the 'Capri Kid'
  5. Hi everyone, we have sent our template letters to mbna and mint and received the standard sod off reply, so have now sent S.A.R.s and are awaiting our replies, have also sent a S.A.R. to barclays, expect to be waiting for some time. can anyone tell us how to calculate the interest owed on credit cards as we want to use this in our next letters. Thanks, Capri Kid
  6. Hi, thanks for your advice, we have sent the S.A.R. to Barclays. so fingers crossed. capri kid.
  7. Hi everyone, I believe I have been mis-sold PPIs on a business loan and several credit cards, I have made a start by sending a couple of letters to the credit card providers, but my big worry is that we may have been mis-sold a critical illness insurance policy, as my husband and I are both self-employed I'm not sure that we are covered, I can't see anything in the T&Cs about self-employed. Do you think we could make a claim? I'm very confused and would appreciate any advice.
  8. Hi, need some help, this is our first time, so here goes ...... Just heard about mis-sold PPIs, need to get my money back from Barclays. have been self-employed ever since we joined Barclays, so they are aware of our empolyment status. we have had barclaycards for about 16 yrs, how far back can you claim PPIs?. We have barclays business loans, can we find out if these were mis-sold?. Are term assurance with critical illness cover PPIs? Do we claim from each individual department or just one claim to Barclays complaints dept.? Can anyone please tell me how to get started? A plea
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