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  1. Hi All, guess what, it's back again this time with Arrow Global who have been assigned the 'debt' from Fairmile via Drydensfairfax Solicitors. This time they have added an income and expenditure form. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Do I just send on the last stuff or just ignore this as have not had anything from Fairmile for a couple of years now?? Muchas Matt
  2. Hi Everyone and thanks for the help and advice so far. have a bit of an update, I have been out of action just recently as I have been a kidney donor to my very poorly brother so have spent a considerable time in hospital and am still slowly recovering. Received a letter today from Lawsmiths ( same address as Asset Recoveries) Our Client: Fairmile Recoveries LLP(as Assignee of Northern Rock plc) NR******* Claim for £19,896.18 and interest We act for Fairmile Recoveries LLP and are writing to you at the request of their asset manager, Asset Recoveries UK Limited in connec
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your help so far with this. Another update, got a letter two weeks ago saying they were aware that I was a home owner and were informing me that their client (change from asset being the debt owner) had a right to take proceedings with a view to obtaining a charge on my property, that charge would give their client the right to seek an order of court directing the sale of the property which would deprive me of my home. in the meantime i had issued nr with a s.a.r. which they have not replied to, so I wrote back to asset again stating that I had issued nr with
  4. okay another update, I got a letter from the asset recoveries saying the northern rock had now contacted me and answered my questions and can I phone and arrange payment. Sent them another letter stating that I had had no correspondance from Northern Rock and until I had I would not discuss this any further, got another letter from asset simply stating I should call them as it was in my best interest then a letter yesterday stating, Thank you for your letter dated 4th Dec, your comments have been noted Please find attached a copy of mortgage shortfall that I received from Northen
  5. yep your right that I have not received anything from northern rock or the dca except for the letters already stated asking for £19k
  6. bit of an update, I wrote to them again listing exactly when they signed for my replies to each and every letter with copies of each letter and questioning again how the debt was made up, what was it for, if it was for a repossession then how was the house re-marketed upkeep and the like, valuations ext, then I got Dated 1st November Dear Mr Gardner Thank you for your letter dated 22nd October and all the previous letters, I have requested the information you require and will contact you with the details as soon as I receive them. Please don not hesitate to contact me if I can be
  7. quick update, I got a letter again from asset recoveries stating I hadnt replied to their original letter dated in july and asking me to phone them to arrange repayment, i sent a registered letter back to them and to northern rock asking again for a breakdown of whats owed and stating that I do not acknowledge the debt and that I would only deal with them in writing. Got a letter today the 18th saying we refer to our letter dated 5th october (sent 17th) and are disappointed that you have not contacted us. It may be that you are mistaken as to our clients intentions in seeking recover
  8. 12 years ago I handed back a house worth around £15k at most the mortgage owed was £12k, am unsure as it was 12 years ago, in june I received a letter from asset recoveries UK Ltd claiming they were acting for Fairmile Recoveries who I owed £20k to also in the same envelope a letter from Northern Rock saying they had assigned the debt over. I initially contacted Northern Rock and they didnt have any record as it was over 12 years and that over 300 letters had been sent to other customers in error and not to worry about it, I contacted Asset Recoveries who asked me for proof that I had pai
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