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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for your reponse Gogivit We've requested Dad's bank charges back from the bank, who have put his request on hold but we've not submitted the Court claim. Do we need to do this?
  3. For sometime now, I've been trying to help my Dad get his charges back from the Yorkshire bank, but his claim like thousands of others is on hold. On the 12th October, we wrote Yorlshire Bank a letter to ask them to consider us as a hardship case based on the fact that Dad is constantly in overdraft, bills forever bouncing and having been charged well over £2,000 in the last 12 months. They have completely ignored the letter we sent. What do we do now? Do we go straight to the ombudsman or write another letter to Yorkshire giving them 14 days to respond. I need to act quite
  4. Excellent, yes I included it. Should come to a nice tidy sum of £911 then Just need to work out now, how I rectify the error I made on the claim form. I put the PO Box address which appaarently MCOL don't accept
  5. Are they paying out including interest as well, or just the actual charges? Just started a MCOL against them
  6. Hennie

    MCOL Help!

    Hi All, Just issued MCOL for my Dad against Capital One. However, I put the PO Box address as the claimants address and now I've just read the sticky about MCOL not accepting PO Box addresses. How can I change there address now I've submitted the claim?
  7. Hennie

    MCOL Help!

    Thanks thesergeant and sam for your replies. Yes, this was their response to the LBA, so I'll help Dad start the MCOL once pay day comes round. With interest at 8%, that's going to take the total sum to just under £900! I'll ask Dad to keep an eye on his statement, but from their letter it didn't sound as if they'd be refunding their partial offer to his card until Dad had signed their letter for full and final settlement - which of course he won't be
  8. You can't claim for purchase interest charges or cash interest charges, BUT you CAN claim interest that has accrued on the 'Late Payment' and 'Overlimit Charges'.
  9. Hennie

    MCOL Help!

    I'm helping my Dad claim charges back from Capital One. They have offered Dad £276, when they actually owe him £672. They sent Dad a letter to sign accepting the £276 as full and final settlement. I didn't want Dad to sign anything that THEY had sent and so I decided that Dad should send the acceptance as partial settlement letter from the templates library instead, saying that he would accept the £276 as partial settlement, please could they credit this to his account with immediate effect, but that he'd continue to persue for the rest. Today they have sent a letter back, saying tha
  10. Hi All I need major help & advice with International Motors Finance I have a car loan with them in my Dads name, which I pay money into my Dads account for. However because its in Dads name they won't speak to me about it. Last month Dad's darling bank bounced their payment, so I sent them a cheque to cover the payment and asked them for a D/D mandate form so I can set up a new D/D out of my own account. Yesterday they kept ringing Dad up at work harrassing him about the payment. He could talk to them at the time so said he would ring after work. When he phoned the
  11. With regards to the £75 yes you can complain - you have it in writing that they were offering you this and they have never paid it. In respect of their attitude, I don't know about going to an outside body, but would certainly put in a formal complaint to head office. Not sure about Q1. I assume that its a central databse and that every branch will be able to access details of any of their customers. Hope this helps
  12. Thanks for your reply. I sent off the statutory £10 cheque with my original request back in June. They have cashed the cheque, the week after receiving it - yet just not supplied the statements.
  13. I sent them the letter out of the templates library giving them 7 days to comply about a month ago. I'm just not sure how to go about taking them to court for not complying & didn't know which body I should be reporting them too. So the Information Commissioner it is then - thanks They must owe us so much money tho, I could just really do with starting the claim against them asap. Even if I just used the statements that I could get off the internet banking for the time being to set the ball rolling. Then go after them for the rest at a later date. But don't want to jeopordi
  14. Can I claim back unfair charges against a car finance company? I've been charged £25 recently for a returned payment and another £25 for a letter. When I spoke to them over the phone, I pointed out that the charges were unlawful etc and she said quite confidently that International Motors Finance had been in talks with the OFT and that basically they could charge what they liked as the OFT recommended threshold of £12 didn't apply to them? Does sound right to me, or is it? Can I claim? Fingers crossed!
  15. I have been trying to obtain my statements from Yorkshire Bank since JUNE(!) last year. They have received my request and asked us to go into the bank to "verify" our signatures which we did straight away. I've waited all this time and STILL no statements. I have sent them the letter also about a month ago, giving them 7 days to comply and STILL nothing! I've even phoned to request statements and nothing. Any advice please? What can I do? Is it okay to estimate how much they've been charging me? Can I put in a claim for everything I can get of my internet stateme
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