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  1. It was a joint loan with his ex-wife, we settled half of all the debts on their divorce, this one she kept the money and never paid it. It was only when she went bankrupt that link tracked us down. Last year they were offering us a settlement figure of around £400.00 now they want every penny. Strawbell
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!! I did the CCA request last year and had it back in 7 days!! I just thought that most companies were up to negotiating, but they aren't! Thanks Strawbell
  3. Hi Does anyone have any advice on dealing with Link Financial?? To cut a long story short, my husbands ex-wife landed us with a debt/default on our account on 16/10/06 - we found out in July 2007. We promptly paid the original loan amount of £1200 to Link Financial. They are still chasing interest payments of £698.00. Last week I offered them by letter £250.00 F & F settlement, they declined. I rang them today to ask for a Final Figure and they would not budge one penny. Anyone know what I should do next?? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I wonder whether anyone can shread some light! I recently checked my husbands credit report with Experian and found another default notice on there. I don't know whether Link have defaulted twice on the same account or whether it is just an update. We were defaulted by Link in 2006 but never found out until 2007 (after my husbands 1st wife going bankrupt). Although we paid the debt on their divorce we paid the original loan amount again (without interest) last year. The second default shows the balance remaining. Is it a second default and link are being naughty??? Scanned document attached. Thanks link.doc
  5. Hi I have been on this site since last year, the basic background of which is: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/116810-link-financial.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/123006-link-financial-help-again.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/137258-robinson-way-newbie.html Can I try for the default to be removed seeing that we never received it. We currently haven't started negotiations with Robinson Way as of yet. I have had a look at some threads but find the initial letter to write very confusing. Thanks for anyone's help.
  6. Hi - we have been having 'words' with Link Financial since last year (copy of previous links attached). http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/116810-link-financial.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/123006-link-financial-help-again.html Yesterday we received a letter from Robinson Way saying that the remaining debt amount had been passed to them now. As I was naive last time I thought I would get my facts straight before I start dealing with these cowboys. I presume that as Link Financial were able to provide the Credit Agreement straight away, these will also?? Thanks Strawbell
  7. Hi All Still receiving calls from Link chasing money, when we offered them the full & final settlement we gave them more than the stated default amount on our credit report (which works out according to them 65% of the total they are claiming with interest). They are still threatening court so weve told them to start proceedings, we get S***ty letters saying that we're ignoring them even though we answer their calls every time. What do you suggest we do, wait for court or try and pay more. Thanks Strawbell
  8. Thanks for that, letter edited. Its such a minefield. We just want rid and all they do is ring us 1 a month chasing money. Which we've already paid once.
  9. No, the would never respond to us. I've attached a copy of the letter I sent them.
  10. Hi, I recently posted a message on here regardingly link financial (Copy of thread enclosed). We then sent them a letter as per the templates (J)offering them a full & final settlement and enclosed a cheque, which they have subsequently cashed. What I need to know is what happens if they still contact us asking for more money? Is my letter legal in anyway? Thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/116810-link-financial.html
  11. Hi, Bit of a delay but I have attached a copy of the agreement. Link have been on the phone again we offered them a lump sum of £1200 not admitting liability, they turned this down and said they have started court proceedings. Agreement.pdf
  12. No - thats the really annoying thing. We are actually quite good with money, don't have alot to go round but manage what we have well. I'm just hoping that this is the only debt she didn't pay, as there were quite a few! Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for that, reading all the threads had me confused! I will try and get a copy of the agreement on here. Is there any letter templates around for negiotation or the best why to gop about this. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm new to the board which I came across by accident but which can hopefully really help me out. My husband has been recently contacted by Link Financial after the following circumstances. Link Financial rang a neighbour of ours asking if ####### lived in the street. The neighbour who took the call told them that she thought he lived a few doors down they then asked her to pass on a message. Not knowing what the call was about my husband rang the number back, they claimed to be a post sorting office called 'Link' and that they had some post to forward on from his old address - so my husband gave them his new address. Since then we received a letter in June saying that he owed them money relating owing to a loan with First National. My husband was married before and had took out a loan in 2000 for some windows with First National, upon his divorce we gave his exwife 1/2 of any debt owed, 'NAIVE' to pay off any loans, which she has appeared not to. Until 2006 she had been paying the loan but had got into financial difficulty. My husband spoke to Link Financial by phone saying he wanted proof of the debt and they responded with a photocopy of the CCA and a statement of everything paid on the debt. The original loan was for £1349.00 and is now £2000 due to interest added. His exwife has now gone bankrupt and we told them to put a claim in against her which they said they would and we have heard nothing for 2 months. My husband contacted them by phone this week, and they told him that they hadn't put in a claim against her and they want the money from him. Having never been in this sitaution before we don't know the law and jargon etc. We have a default against my husbands name now and cannot get credit etc. My dad has offered to pay the money and get cleared but have no idea whether to negotiate or what - any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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