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  1. Hi, I've phone money claim, and the dirty Bankers have till 12.9.2006 to reply, as they take 28 days from the date the claim was ackowleged,also allowing for extra day as 28 days runs out on a sunday, and allowing for 4 days (or something like that) for some other reason. I would advise ringing them, as the are very helpful & friendly. Thanks louise for advice, and good luck everyone.
  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for the reply, It was ackowleged on 11th August by the Solicitors, shall i just wait till their tims is up.
  3. Hi, I've submitted my court claim agaisnt HSBC for nearly £4500 inc interest & fees. Thery ackowleged the claim on 11.8.2006, and i have heard nothing since. I rang them over a week ago to make sure they had got the breakdown of charges. and suprisingly they said they had never arrived, so i faxed them over immediatley. Shall i now sit & wait, or do i chase them to see what is happening. Any advise welcome. Thanks
  4. Danmoz, why don't you actually help the poor individual who started this thread, , give them a copy of your super spreadsheet, as unfortunatley not all of us are great with spreadsheets like you. I am a professionally qualified person, working on computers all day & dealing with large companies insurance all day, I wouldn't know how to make a spreadsheet, does that make me incompetent. I have been in trouble for years, basically due to being young, stupid, and also a father of 2 lovely children from the age of 20. I've had a mortagage since i was 20 due to my comitments, and i've be
  5. Hello again, I've had my claim ackowledged by D&G solicitors, and predicably they have asked for a breakdown of my charges. I rang them,and spoke to some snotty c*w, who said as i've made a county court claim, i neeed to send my spreadsheet again, when i advised that i sent 2 copies to HSBC so surely they must have a copy on my file, they advised theya haven't. Are their any templates to use for sending the spreadsheet to the solicitors, as my English Language isn't the greatest, so i could do with some help. Many thanks Rich (Jorcon3018)
  6. He he, like your response. HSBC have ackowleged my claim, so according to other similar cases, i should get an offer soon, and then i'll buy you some flowers :grin: If it makes it to court, you can all come down to Leicester to stand in my corner, and of course, drinks will be on me if i suceed. Fingers crossed. Rich
  7. Another Question for someone that knows. Assuming HSBC enter a defence, what will happen next, will i have to go to court, as a friend of mine, who i'm helping with their claim, has been given a court date as Lloyds TSB have entered a defence.
  8. Thanks for that. Love going on these threads as so many people are so angry with banks. I must admit, can't see the sense in them rejecting my claim, as the amount will now rise to £4,500. Good commercial decision.
  9. Hi, I've gone through the process of requesting statement, using the spreadsheet, sending of my letter of claim, and sending a LBA, i have now had the final reposnse from HSBC which reads as follows: Thanks for letter dated xxxx re charges of £3514 the bank does not agree with your contention that the charges that have been imposed consitute a penaltyand are therefore enforceable. The contract between the bank and its customers is goverened by our personal banking T & C. In respect of overdrafts, i would refer you sopecifically to clause 7.11 in section 2. If you authori
  10. Hi Stokeybird, Just rang & some m*ppet said the letter had been recieved, and they were looking into it. Think i'll just nip to the post office & send that LBA. Thanks for your help. Rich
  11. Thanks Angela, HSBC are going take a big hit from us 2, good luck with yours.
  12. Hi Yes letter sent recorded deliver, can't give them banks an excuse for not recieving it.
  13. Hi, I'm currently trying to claim back in excess of £3,500 of bank charged from HSBC. I've requested my statments for the past 6 years, and recieved them after nearly 2 months (complaint being registered with Data Commission people for not replying within 40 days). I've totalled up my charges using the spreadsheet in the libabry, and sent the 1st letter to HSBC requesting my charges back (again letter in libary used), i enclosed a list of charges, and as yet i have had no reply, it is now 15 days since i sent the letter recorded delivery. Am i right in thinking i now need
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