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  1. bullyboy - I am sure I will have some old utility bills somewhere, I will check it out - thanks. bigmac versus - good point - I will find out if it was estimated. regarding the faulty meter, what the gas board originally said - on the phone, it was never put in writing, of course, was that it looked as though we were charged for a different serial numbered meter than the one we were using, a while later they said they wanted to change it. Today I am going to turn everything thats electric on - take a 10 min reading, this will give me the maximum usage, times it by 24 hours and work
  2. I have never written a complaint, never been on a forum, but british gas is enough to drive anyone to distraction. We pay by direct debit - BIG MISTAKE - it was estimated we need to pay around £45 per month around 2 yrs ago. The meter was changed around that time. We had estimated bills. We were presented with a bill for £1645 10 months ago, we complained, we wrote, we phoned, nobody ever got back to us, we finally got through to someone who told us they thought we were being charged for a different serial number, and that we would probably get a refund, we then had a bill 6 months later for £
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