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  1. Hi all, Just an update on our case- In total, we received four letters, three from G24 and one from their 'debt collector' We ignored every one, and they do appear to have 'gone away'. The last letter we received was January.
  2. Hi, an update on above.. After receiving several threatening letters, none of which we have responded to, everything went quiet for 8 weeks. However, yesterday, we received a new letter from 'Charles Howard & Partners' based in Croydon stating that costs are now £140, and that this is a 'pre legal notification' . It goes on to say failure to pay may result in Enforcement action via County Court. Court and solicitors costs would substantially increase the size of the debt. Credit reference Bureaux may be advised to register the debt. Credit may be difficult to obtain in future
  3. Hi there, My husband recently parked in the Toys'r'us carpark in Plymouth, where you can park for free for upto 2 hours. He was a plonker & overstayed by 1 hour. We received a ticket from them 3 weeks ago demanding £50 The ticket was a 'civil' ticket and included photographic evidence of the car both entering & leaving the car park. However, the exit photo does not show the number plate of the car. We have today received a Final Reminder demanding £75, if we fail to pay by 27th Oct, a 'charge certificate' will be issued & further costs involved. The notic
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