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  1. No I didn't dx, this was meant to be a new thread, I have no idea how I managed to merge it with an old thread, my main concern is the latest carry on with AL.
  2. Any advice would be much appreciated please, will keep it as brief as possible. On 24/10/2016 I received a notice of assignation from Bcard, in the same envelope a letter from AL saying that they would be servicing my account on behalf of BC, I had made no payments for over a year. I sent a CCA straight away to AL (should have been BC I realise now), on 30/11/16 had letter from AL saying that they had purchased debt on 30/9/16 and would have to request said documentation from BC. On 2/5/17 I received from Barclaycard via AL a letter stating that they were sending me a reconstituted copy of my agreement, this consists of a blank sheet of paper with the address which I took the BC out on in July 2002, the agreement states in a small box that it is a credit card agreement between me & BC, with my new address of past 9 years. There is also a copy of terms and conditions, no signature anywhere from either myself or BC, also looking at my credit file my account was defaulted on 27/8/2015 by Asset Link not Barclaycard, even though AL did not buy it until 30/9/16, how can this be? Latest is I received a SOA on 26th June stating that the full amount is due and for me to contact them to discuss it (I wont be) also the £1 postal order for the CCA was credited to my account. I'm so confused, hubby is very, very ill and I can do without this. I'll leave it at this for now but will answer any questions, thank you for reading. Amount is for £5,010. Not sure how this has ended up on one of my old threads, would some kind person be able to move it for me please.
  3. Still receiving letters from Shoosmiths, latest one threatening court action (by our client), usual expenditure sheet. All of which will be ignored, do these people never give up, not worrying, nothing to give them, no assets and hubby very ill. Thanks for listening folks.
  4. We recently applied for this, hubby received his new tax code & a cheque for £212 for tax year 2015/16, nothing as yet for tax year 2016/17. Applied online for both lots backdated, so we'll see wether we receive the £220 or not.
  5. No hassle from Santander, we had a DMP for all our creditors with Stepchange, they were extremely helpful & arranged payments with all our creditors. After about 6 months we decided to administer the DMP ourselves, just carried on with arranged payments, no interest added by Santander, we owed them £2600 now down to £1800.
  6. Good morning worried man, you've come to the right place for help, hubby & myself have a lot of debt (way more than you), we also have an od with Santander so had to open another account, we opened a Cashminder account with the Co-op bank, it's especially for people with poor credit & we had no problem at all opening it, we did it online, hope this helps.
  7. We had a DMP with StepChange, they were very helpful & free, decided to self manage it ourselves, all we did was informed SC that we would be doing it ourselves, then we simply carried on paying the same payments to our creditors as we had been paying via SC. No problems at all apart from a couple which had been passed to debt collectors, they tried to get more from us without success, we just took good advice for dx to set the payment we wanted to pay, not what they wanted.
  8. Go onto your account, into manage devices, you should see the title & are given a choice of actions to take , one of which is return item, hope this helps
  9. To every one of those brave men and women who have died for us, a very big thank you.
  10. Thanks very much everyone, good sound advice.
  11. Thank you citizenB, have just posted a letter off to them.
  12. Many thanks for the advice: dx, no i have not got round to sending cca requests yet, the letter says: Regarding: Capital One Bank (Europe) & refers to them as 'our client' in the letter. citizenB: the outstanding debt is for £861.40, yes good advice about the amount being acceptable to Capone through Stepchange, this is what i will put in the letter that I'm about to write. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  13. Just a quick question please folks, have received an income & expenditure form from, Credit Solutions of Purley, Surrey, am i legally obliged to fill this in and send it back to them. We had a DMP with Stepchange but decided to self manage, all ok apart from Capital One who have passed my account on to CS, they are trying to squeeze more than the £5.79 a month as decided by Stepchange out of me. I'm tempted to knock it down to £1, what would be the outcome if i did, anyone any advice please?
  14. Sorry it's taken me so long to post this list, here it is in all its awful glory: Aqua credit card, £1200, hubby Capital One cc, £3570, hubby Halifax cc, £9000, hubby (the one we are most worried about) Very mail order, £1700. The rest are mine below: Barclaycard £4600 Capital One cc £750 Kandco £1000 Next £350 Opus cc £548 Then we have a joint overdraft of £2600 with the Santander, our pensions at the end of December will be paid into our new Coop cashminder account. We've sent off the forms to StepChange for our DMP but see on here that people have done their own and we are wondering wether to go down that route, it's like walking through treacle wondering what to do for the best. We know that Halifax are going to be a pain, have read on here how nasty they can be, poor old hubby is not in good health and he is worrying more than me, I suppose I'm a bit more hard faced but I hate seeing him worrying, thanks for reading and the advice already given.
  15. Really pleased for you Kaz, enjoy Xmas with your family & I hope that 2015 brings you all that you deserve, you're a good person Kaz and deserve to be happy xx
  16. Hope all goes well for you today Kaz, I'm sure it will but Ell-enn is right don't offer more than you can afford xx
  17. Sorry I have not been here for a few days, will post soa later on today, no we do not have any defaults at the moment Ford, first payments missed this month to Capital One (me) Very & Kandco, Barclaycard due on the 3rd but will not be paying, will let you have all details later, thank you again. Almost forgot, no defaults would not be a concern to us, we will not be applying for anymore credit.
  18. Thanks everyone for your responses, dx, no none of them are with debt collectors, we have not missed any payments with anyone at the moment, have been scraping through by selling on ebay and using credit cards (daft I know) which are now maxed out. We will follow your advice about claiming back charges and sending a CCA request, well worth looking into. Thank you also Wintry, no we are not homeowners, after all essentials like rent, water rates, council tax, food etc we have £223 left to pay StepChange, have opened a new cashminder account with the Cooperative bank and now have to move everything over as of course Santander will no longer entertain us, especially as they are one of our creditors. Thanks again and I will keep you all posted.
  19. Good news for that little man, let's hope the rest of his life is wonderful & blessed.
  20. Between us my OH and myself have £25k's worth of debt, the biggest debt is to OH's Halifax credit card for £9k, the rest is spread between 9 other creditors and includes a £2600 overdraft to Santander (and yes we are mortified for letting things get this bad) We are in the process of setting up a DMP with StepChange as we are both in our late 60's (I know old enough to know better) and don't want our sons to be left with having to sort stuff when we die. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with StepChange, they seem to have good reviews but I'd be interested to hear of any personal experiences from any forum users. Our last car payment is due October 2015 and they reckon that if we pay more once this is finished then we will be debt free in 5 years, there seems to be no other way tbh and we are at the end of our tethers. Many thanks
  21. Judging by the amount of bad reviews on Tripadvisor, if they are charging people £100 for leaving a bad review they must be well on the way to being millionaires by now.
  22. I used to worry Caro but have grown older and wiser, all we have are our pensions, property is rented, and we have no savings so we just get on with life, will shortly be writing to credit card companies asking them to take smaller payments, if they refuse well it's tough as smaller payments is what they will be getting.
  23. Thanks everyone for your comments, not really worrying about it as we have nothing to give them anyway.
  24. Just a quick recap on our situation (is it really nearly 7 years) for the past two years we have had quarterly letters from Gosschalks solicitors, (& numerous others before them) asking us to contact them as they want to help us (yeah right), the last two have contained income and expenditure forms & also say that their client (Halifax) will consider a settlement payment (all ignored). We are now both pensioners & hubby had to leave work 3 years earlier than planned due to ill health, so they stand absolutely no chance of getting a penny, also it's nearly 14 years now surely they will give up soon, although they have told us 'this debt will not go away', we no longer worry about it, we have no assets & rent our home. Our main problem now are our credit cards, I have a feeling they will be getting pro rata payment letters soon, sadly I fear we may die in debt.
  25. Hi Word-Soup, you have come to the right place, you'll get brilliant advice on here people really know how to help, can't offer advice myself as I'm no expert but I can offer you support and tell you that you are no longer alone x
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