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  1. Secondly I was about to send them letter O is the SAR a better request ?
  2. How much of the above is relevant to a second charge mortgagee ? Obviously they had nothing to do with the sale but have reacted with a writ even beforre we knew the cottage had been sold.
  3. In letter O the following phrase is used how has interestautolinker.com autolinking image been calculated from the start of the arrears? I presume this should point to a link ? It doesn't for me
  4. Long standing problem with Oakwood and my wife's cottage. Eventually they repossessed it and then gave it away in auction. Before they did we had the property on the market for 120k and had offers of 75K, 79k, and 82k. Within 5 months they auctioned it for 60 k leaving my wife with a 15 k shortfall, they are now threatening to bankrupt her for as she ahs a half share in the 90k equity in our house, I assume. Is there any hope of arguing in court against this. They have, in discussions offered to lower the shortfall to 8k, which we can't afford.
  5. Thanks all. According to the Court, no application has been made for a warrant, its just the Lewis group being awkward and stopping me paying the arrears. Evidently its just a debt collection agency who are self employed who will in their own time be calling to put pressure on. The 122 they want I'm now told by the Lewis group, will be taken off the debt and the 22 pound is costs. If I don't pay the full amount they will apply for a warrant to the court without my knowledge
  6. The local CC reckon I can't do anything and they might be perfectly within their rights to charge me 100 pounds for costs My only recourse is to negotiate with them when they contact me???
  7. yes the payment was set by the court. I've been advised by CAB that I can't do anything until they apply to the court for a warrant, even though I want to clear the arrears
  8. My wife has a long standing cc judgement that she has been paying at 10 pounds per month via the I can pay you site. She has missed 2 payments and owes 20 pound arrears. I tried to pay it and was barred. Spoke to the lady dealing with it who told me it had been passed to a collection company and she could do nothing until they called. She couldn't give me a contact number and when pressed said that they would ring me if I required, but they had a pre bailiff warrant of 122 pounds which was the minimum I now needed to pay to stop further action. So I can't clear the arrears and I assume it will have to go back to court. Someone is ringing me later, they can't say who, to discuss what I need to do next. Advice please.
  9. Seems that when they receive the money, the Society will put it against further payments unless I wish to put it against the loan capital. So with the new amount from Oct onwards, I will be able to pay significantly less for several months, which is brilliant news. Now I just have to way for the usual bad news which always follows the good
  10. Many thanks. I thought it might be something like that. So having won the battle I'm still about to lose the war Time to see what my Building Society say.
  11. I've finally been awarded mortgage relief via pension credit, dated from 16/11/2009. one award is from 16/11/09 to 11/04/10 and the other 12/04/10 to 02/10/10. The award letter also notifies me that due to the mortgage relief I know get 10p a week pension credit as well What happens to the award? I have received £14, which I presume is the backdated pension credit, what happens to the rest, does it go to the Building society. As I've managed to pay the interest part of the mortgage over the time of the award, what will the Society do with the money, use it to pay off costs or the capital or use it against future payments. Can I tell them to allocate against future payments. Secondly is the award for 12 months as the award letter says from 4/10/10 the award drops by a third
  12. How I have not been trading due to lack of contracts for over 2 years. I've not even had any cash work and although i'm in the middle of negotiating a contract now I've been paid nothing yet
  13. Six weeks ago I was awarded Council Tax Benefit only to be visited last Monday by an assessor who could not accept 2 things 1 my wifes repossessed property in which we have a 22k shortfall, she wanted proof we had not received any rent from it in the last 12 months. We showed her the possession order and she seemed happy. Next I class myself as self employed as I have not signed on for JSA as my wife works and we get Tax credit. I ahve shown them my bank statements going back 18 months but the council won't accept I don't do any business. Now they have suspended my benefit subject to me filling in a profit and loss account for the last 12 months. I explained that at any time I might get work and if I do I will declare it. Now the Tax have no problem with this, JSA have no problem but Denbighshire cc won't accept it. What shall I do, we really can't afford to pay it with all the other problems we have
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