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  1. Natwest have offered me a current account. However many years ago I had a NW Credit Card. The debt is now statute barred. They never sold the debt. If I put money into NW can they use set aside against an ancient debt! Sorry I meant Setoff noy setaside! Thanks in advance.
  2. I thought it could be a fraud alert. I thought though that the direct debit just requested the amount from a bank number and sort code and did not use address details. What I do not want to do is make the same mistake again. I do not have perfect credit and current accounts are hard to get for me. The bank that closed the account is Halifax.
  3. They refuse to give one. They say a business decision. The only thing I can think off is that the phone was not registered to the same address as the bank account. We are talking a DD of £10 per month! I did not think personal address details were supplied to the bank with a direct debit. I am trying to rule this out as a reason for closure.
  4. MrCollio

    Direct Debits

    Does anyone know what information goes to the bank for a direct debit? The reason for the question is that I registered my new mobile in my partners address and paid by direct debit and the account was suddenly closed.
  5. Can a company issue defaults every year for the same account. They have not supplied a CCA. I think they can not do this but am unsure. How should I proceed getting the defaults removed. Thanks in advance.
  6. Remember to send a schedule of costs to crappy quest and to the courts. Then at the set aside get some money back! Ask for the costs and point to the schedule.
  7. SHould I write to this or ignore it? It is the letter after the one that harassed senor received I have received this one previously.
  8. OK now had another letter from CCS Notice of Intended Legal Action. Documents are now being prepared for the final recovery of this debt. Should I be worried? Do they have to send a Letter Before Action or will this surfice? Any ideas what to do next?
  9. I have an alledged debt for a Nationwide Credit Card Originally Mr Carter tried to get some money. He took me to court and then withdrew. Received lots of help from the forum to achieve this. Then Westcot had a go. Now a company called CCS is trying. Have received a threatogram giving me 7 days to pay or court action. Any advice on ehat to do greatly appreciated.
  10. The alleged debt is 80 euros but is now 130 euros as they have added charges. Many thanks for your help as this is worrying me. Unfortunately I no longer the the agreement as its 4 years ago.
  11. One more piece of info not sure if relevant. The card is issued by BAHN in Germany. The payment was taken in UK through their call centre and cancelled in the UK.
  12. Hi thanks for the help. Should I write to them or just see what they do? Just to be clear they would have to take me to court in the UK so I could mount a defence. I have dealt with many UK DCAs but this is new ground for me.
  13. Many years ago I use to travel to Germany with work and had a bahn card for cheap travel which work paid for. When I left I cancelled the card in writing with the call centre in the uk around 2006. I am now being chased for the cost of the card for another year by Inkasso in Holland. They are threatening legal action. My worry is can they take me to court in Holland? Any advice please. Thanks in Advance.
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