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  1. I have been told this pm by a member of staff at DWP that I would not be entitled to anything for my 4 months unemployment. This is actually untrue so they obviously dont have a clue. It has to be assessed but for them to tell me straight off that I would get nothing is outrageous. I have paid my tax and NI so I must have some entitlement. Because of misinformation I am now over £2000 in debt that cant be right??
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Hi All, I have been unemployed since 20th July and was told by loads of people including my previous employer that I couldn't claim benefits as I resigned. I now believe that this is not true but in the meantime I have gone nearly £2000 into overdraft. Can anyone advise me on the best way to try and get something from DWP. To make things worse or better I start a new job on Tues but still leaves me with a huge debt. Help please
  3. Hi all This is my first post so be gentle. I work as a support worker looking after young offenders mainly with drug and alcohol problems. I work sleeping nights but do not get paid for being on site while sleeping whereas most other organisations do pay a sleeping payment. So what is the regulation on this should they be paying us an overnight payment. Problem is some of us cover weekends from fri to mon which is 64hours but we are only paid for 40 of them and some bank holidays you can be there for 88hours but paid for 56. Obviously this amounts to a lot of time unable to leave site bu
  4. Offence code 56 parking in residents parking without a permit as stated in original post. This is in Exeter Devon. Out side my daughters flat that she has just moved into. The car also will not move due to head gasket gone.(my stupidity) Mike
  5. Hi all this is my first day on here and my first post. Hi Just need a bit of advice on behalf of my daughter. She has just been given a ticket for parking in residents parking but there are problems: 1 She is a bona fide resident but has only just moved in 2 I have just bought her a first car but when she went to council offices to get a permit she was told it was not possible with out a V5 with her name and address on it. Obviously this is in the post and knowing DVLA it will be at least 14 days. 3 As a final problem I somewhat foolishly bought said car at a local car
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