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  1. i did make contact with the above who did say they have never heard of such a thing but they would have to see the rocker in question before they could comment i then went on to tell them the whole story about how appleyards had fobbed me off telling me it was just tappets & how sandifords had found the rocker fault this was there reply Hello Simon, I did not know that you are from the UK. We are the US importer, you will need to speak with the UK importer (Sandifords), Sandifords has excellent mechanics on hand, I know them personally. Please refer all future inquir
  2. the only contact ive had was firstly when the bike req a half crank case which the supplier was stating the importer was waiting for the part after 6 weeks of waiting i phoned the importer & was told that yes there was a delay & they had been shipped that day ?? the bike comes with a 6 month warranty from the importer i have since been back to the importer with the noise which was found to a faulty rocker assy which was replaced with me having to pay labour charges
  3. this is my first post here & im sorry to have to start off with problems but i guess like others thats how i got to this site in the first place well were to start i bought a brand new montesa 4rt from colin appleyard motorcycles in january this year at a cost in eccess of £5000 cash maybe that was my problem paying cash ?? well upon receipt of the bike mit didnt run right from day one they supplied it with a 2 stroke fuel mix in a fourstroke bike i took it back where they promptly blamed me for the fuel fault & charged me labour to fix the fault i wasnt happy but paid all t
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