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  1. Unfortunately this was not a Direct Debit it was a Standing Order - does anyone know if this is cancelled, and then re-set up for a later month can Nat West still just take the money out of someone's account. Without notification and some 3 months later - they told my daughter she was lucky
  2. We started this in August last year but have never been able to watch it as the screen freezes and the signal is terrible - I have told them from the start that there is a problem and I have tried to cancel. I perservered for a couple of months because they said it was my Sky box - after having sky attend for a different reason the man said it wasn't. I then phoned and e-mailed them telling them to cancel the account which was in my name but paid for by my daughter's card. They continued to charge. Eventually my daughter managed to stop payments from her credit card. They then contacted us req
  3. Can anyone help - my daughter has a loan with Nat West - she spoke to them 3 months ago telling them she would have to miss a couple of payments which they did not like - she heard nothing further and then this month when she was paid - they took 3 payments out of her account without telling her so she had no money left - when she phoned they said she had signed to say they could - I don't believe this is right without notification - they are being particularly difficult with her and have left her no money for the rest of the month - what can she do ?
  4. Thank you very much jowalshy for your help. Am actually supposed to be working at mom so will look up link and details tomorrow am to see where it leads. Thanks again. TTFN:)
  5. Hi to you all:) I am new to the site, but I am all for action against the charges the Banks make out of us. They have only put the charges down due to pressure from the OFT and consumers taking them to Court. They have in the past added costs upon costs upon interest onto my accounts and succeeded (along with help from myself) in making me bankrupt:oops: ). I am due to be discharged early - hopefully next month, and I was told off the record by someone working at the Official Receiver's Office not to put in a Claim for refund of these charges until I was out of Bankruptcy. Can anyone tell m
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