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  1. Hi I was travelling along shaftesbury avenue london and wanted to turn left, there was not a no left turn sign but just a blue straight ahead arrow the car in front of me turned left so i asumed that it was ok to do so. Unfortunately i was filmed on cctv and was obviously in the wrong. I am a single parent student nurse and am struggling financially as it is does anyone have any ideas to help or do i just have to pay up??? It was truly a genuine mistake. thanks col:confused:
  2. thank monx i guessed that was the case! He was made redundant he hates not working and complies with all the rules and attends his reviews. A good kid really dont drink dont smoke just likes music he's a part-time DJ as well but work dried up. Guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that the police force comes up trumps. thanks for your help collette
  3. Hi My son is 20 and is unemployed he has his own flat and receives housing and council tax benefit. He has applied for lots of jobs including the police force but alas is still awaiting replies. he is in receipt of job seekers allowance of approx. £100 per two weeks but cannot afford to feed himself as £50 a week goes nowhere when you have water gas electric etc. and household items to buy does anyone know if he is entitled to anything else? The Job centre says NO?? but then my friend has just recieived vouchers for work clothes and when he asked for help with a suit for his interviews he was told that he would have to take out a loan. but he cant even afford to eat let alone pay a lone back. I am 45 and worked all my life my son has worked too in his short period yet when we try to get help why do we have to fight?? please can anyone help thanks collete:???:
  4. Hi can anyone advise me. I had an abbey national bank account and was 2p overdrawn, they charged me and charged me and charged me now my overdraft is over 300pounds I have written a letter that I got off this site 18 months ago and received the usual letter saying all had been put on hold etc...... I heard no more until recently when I got a letter from a debt collection agency threatening me. I wrote to them explaining that I was waiting to hear the outcome of the court case but they still are writing to me. I also contacted the Abbeynational asking them what they were doing as I had not heard from them and they just replyed saying that all was on hold until after the court case??? I have been unemployed for over a year now and have a basic bank account with the hsbc bank but i believe that my credit rating is being effected because of this case. can anyone please advise me as to what i can do i am really worried and do not know what to do next thanks pete core
  5. Please can anyone help me. my son flew from stansted to newcastle on an internal flight to work as a DJ for the weekend. He had a electrical mixer machine which he took on board and was told to put his holdall in the fragile check in. It was covered in easyjet fragile labels and sent down the belt to be put on the plane. after a 50 min. flight he was first to wait for the 40 bagged luggage to come up the convayor but also his bag did not arrive. he went to servisair desk who said "hopefully it will be on the next flight at 10pm if not so be it!!" and left him to it? I have spent the whole day calling stansted swissport who are so so rude and also the management at newcastle and the out come is so far that stansted are saying it 100% went onto the aircraft and must be in newcastle (according to paperwork) and newcastle are saying it was not on the aircraft and i give them their due they have been looking and emailing all day long to stansted and all other airports about the bag. The main problem is all his CD's for his work tonight were in the bag he has been told that he will be sacked tonight if they do not turn up. this now becomes serious because he has lost £500 for this weekend alone in wages and his job that he fought so hard to get. Stansted airport have told him that if the bag does not turn up then he has to claim off his own insurance?? Does anyone know if this is true? why are they not responsible for the bag? What about his loss of earnings? i want the baggage handlers to pay for this incident big time why should they get away with it by fobbing it off and tell us to claim on our insurance. they lost the bag not him its been such a stressful day all around and I do not know where to start please please can somone help us. many thanks
  6. I booked a holiday to Cuba for August 6 months ago. 8 weeks before we go, we were informed that we were going to be upgraded to a 5 star (previously 4 star) hotel because the hotel we booked was closing halfway through our stay due to refurbishment. After reading about the hotel they want to move us to, i'm not happy with their choice. We want the original hotel we booked and are prepared to move our holiday two weeks earlier than the previous date we booked, but they want to us to pay the difference, which we simply can't afford despite the fact they were offering to upgrade us for no extra cost. Is they any advice you can give me on this?
  7. will look into the other forums. sorry not given you the extra details will do so this weekend . thanks and speak to you soon
  8. hi all can anyone help? my partner had an unsecured debt of 6000 pound with barclaycard that he agreed to make monthly payments to clear. This was only a small amount but that is all he could managed and barclaycard agreed to this. Unfortunately he did not keep up the payments and has recieved a letter from a debt company threating him with court proceedings if he does not pay the money in full. is there anything he can do about this and as the debt was in 2000 can this company still claim the money after such a long period? many thanks:)
  9. Please can anyone help?? I had to park my car on a yellow line the previous evening in my road in westminster and i needed to move it by 8.30am onto a residents bay. after going down to move it i realised that i had the wrong car keys and had to1 go back up to get the correct keys. when i got back down to the car i had a ticket timed 8.40am. I then moved the car the 15 or so foot to a residents bay. i am a single parent studying to be a nurse and funds are very tight as it is. can anyone please help me so i dont have to pay?? many thanks corcorans
  10. hi can anyone help??? i went onto the new airmiles website last night and got a brilliant flight deal which i saved in my itinery. when i went to pay although switch was a payment option it was not available on the screen i called them and they and an hour later after speaking with several people they said the only way i could pay it due to a fault on the new system was over the phone. I gave them all my details of account and they said that they could not see the deal i had so they offered to rebook it. this turned out to be double the price!!! I told them that i would email them the itinery and they said that they had not recieved it even though it had delivered safely?? they kept asking me to cancel the booking and that it would re appear on their computer i refused to as i would have lost the proof i had. unfortunately for me before my eyes whilst speaking to a manager, he said that was impossible but it was not as i saw it happen. fortunately for me i have saved the booking, i have the md's name can i persue this or am i wasting my time. i feel that they ripped me off as they said if i had a visa or mastercard i could have done it on line there and then but i did not have. please help collette
  11. Hi I am totally confused with this!!der!!! my partner brought a phone from phones 4u and missed sending his cash back form in by a couple of days. they have now honoured to pay one of the payments but not the other. he therefore got so fed up he did not pay his bill to o2, thats not the actual call charges he made just the allowance charges. so he has not actually used anything he has not paid for. the contract has phones for you on it so can he cancel with o2 or is he contracted to them as a seperate company. they are now asking for the full rental costs for a year and cost of the phone. he did not want to cancel the agreement but was so fed up with the way phones for you treated him decided to withhold payments. can anyone advice me?
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