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  1. "administrator" sorry can you delete one of these for me thanks
  2. Well!!!!! sorry not been on for a while studying and essays, not too easy for a mature student! Yes you all know i paid it! would have gone on further with it but was threatened with the increase of charges if I fought the case. I think it should be put on hold till the case is investigated. I couldnt afford to pay the extra money unfortunately kindest regards corcorans1
  3. Hi all, will post up the contract asap, when you look at it you will see that the date i signed it was 9/2/08, but they dated it the day before?? also the 12 month contract could have actually been put in at anytime? thanks for all your comments will await any replies before i send off any reply thanks
  4. letter i sent.....I am writing to you with reference to your recent letter and to inform you that I shall not be paying the sum that you require as it is clearly unjustified for the following reasons; • When I joined the academy I was told by the receptionist that there were no terms or contract limits. I have on several occasions visited and telephoned the Academy and they still confirm this. • The only thing I was asked to sign was a direct debit and as I am intellectually illiterate I took the word of the receptionist that this was true. • When I asked on two occasions how much notice was required to cancel my direct debt I was informed that to give a months notice would be suffice to not incur any extra charges. I followed this procedure as requested. • The reasons for not attending the gym any longer were due to the sauna being out of service for a minimum of 3 months whilst I was still attending the gym. • I have since been back to the gym and the sauna is still out of order and has been since I left the gym approximately 6 months ago and I was informed that it will not be put back into service due to licensing laws? It was getting fixed? There was no funding to get it fixed? And several other excuses! • One of the main reasons for me going to this particular gym was due to the sauna and personally I feel that maybe you was not offering me the service that I was paying my direct debit for whilst the sauna was all or none of the above? I would like this letter to be taken as serious as the threatening letters that your company are sending me and if this matter is not resolved immediately then I have no option but to let a magistrate make a decision. Yours sincerely
  5. Hi, I decided to join a gym and when i looked around it had all the facilities that i required. the steam/sauna room was my main reason for joining and i was asked to sign a direct debt but no contract was mentioned. The steam room broke down and there was never any hot water in the showers so i therefore asked them how i would go about cancelling my direct debt without incurring any charges they told me to give one months notice! i did this and now i have threatening letters from their debt collectors. I sent them a recent letter which i will post below and i have just recieved a letter back not replying to my letter but just low and behold a copy of a contract that i signed that i assumed was my direct debit? they have not written any reply to any of my letter just referring to the contract and i must pay the difference of the year with charges. can anyone help please? many thanks
  6. Hi, Been searching some threads but still cant find what i am looking for? I have been bankrupt for over 3yrs now and have a basic bank account with Allience and Leicester i have tried a couple of times to try and get an account with them and have tried HSBC but cannot get a normal account where i have a debt card and can set up standing orders. Its such a pain when you have to run out to the cash point when your shopping comes to more that you have cash on you!! Can anyone advise? thanks collette
  7. Hi Everyone, thanks for comments have put up my refusal of appeal as you can see its dated 11th December but i only recieved it on 2oth Dec. hardly time enough to appeal but will email them and tell them that i am appealling. Does anyone know if i still get the discounted rate whilst appealling? it was the case first time around. thanks corcorans 1
  8. Hi i previously put up a thread and cannot trace it now? i was adviced to appeal against my PCN and did so and have attached the appeal letter. I have just recieved the letter of refusal and will down load it later today (have to scan at library). Is it worth appealling again? Single parent student nurse with no pennies at the moment so dont know what to do?? Have attached a copy of the letter i sent with this thread. Ting helped witht he last thread not sure if you have anymore advice this time? many thanks Corcorans1 LETTER THAT I SENT..................... I am appealing against the fine you issued (date) on technical errors. 1 You failed to inform me of the period in which I may make representations. For this particular legislation LLA & TFL Act 2003 the deadline is 28 days beginning with the date on which the notice was served. (the date I received it). As you have failed to tell me this it is prejudicial since I believed as you stated, that the deadline was the same 28 period that you described, which is beginning date of this notice. (A shorter period). 2 You also say DO NOT PASS TO THE DRIVER and goes on to say that only the owner may make representations. This is not strictly true. a) anyone may make representations on my behalf with my permission. The owner is only liable for payment of any resultant penalty. b) A recipient of such a PCN may not have been the driver, in my view, you obstruct my ability to formulate as appeal by appearing to suggest I may not consult the drive about the circumstances or elect them to make representations. This is also prejudicial. When the PCN fails to comply with the law like you have done and failed to fully advise me of your legal position then it is technically invalid and unenforceable. I await your reply
  9. Hi just called them and asked to see the video as it was unavailable on line like they said? they said that there was a problem with the NEW systems. they also said that the deadline would be extended on the lower rate and i got a name date and time. i read page two it was hard enough downloading paperwork when i read that i was even more confused. have read your comment in 45# dont quite get it are you allowed to put it in idio form?? or was that idiot form? dont wanna get you into anymore trouble thanks for all your comments
  10. oh goodness is that what you mean? only have one more back page thats all i recieved will post tuesday like i said
  11. this is the one that i posted the otherday is that what you need me to post for the back of the form? sorry to be a pain:p
  12. thanks ting was begining to think you wouldnt help cause of all the trouble. havent got the document available but will post it on tuesday when im back at uni. only place to have a scanner thank you so much again for your advise and sorry to pin1 as well think im getting it now LOL collette
  13. ok sorry just noticed that there was two pages! wat an idiot will look at them now thanks
  14. I looked on my orginal thread after searching for it for ages!lol your right im useless. but there was nothing after me last message about you getting told off cause of me! so sorry i caused any problems will look for it now thanks
  15. Hi I have managed to download my PCN please can anyone help me as i am desperate not to have to pay, short of cash being a student nurse and one parent family. I did get a response but the couple of helpers needed it downloaded, now i have done it, it seems they have disappeared on me can anyone please advise me??? Many thanks collette:confused:
  16. I have been at it all day and managed to download pcn on tiny pics details below. Sorry for causing so much trouble Ting hope you can still help me? thanks collette PCN CORCORAN2 Pictures, PCN CORCORAN2 Images, PCN CORCORAN2 Photos, PCN CORCORAN2 Videos - Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
  17. Well MARTIN3030!!!! Maybe i should of been asked before you wrote such a nasty message on MY thread. I was unsure of the procedure of people checking threads and I thought I had to talk to Ting directly?? I got it totally wrong and I explained that on the messages for all to see and Ting did like wise and posted the message i sent. Genuine mistake on MY part maybe you should take a leaf out of my book and apologise to Ting as he played to the book exactly. Awaiting your apology to Ting on my message board.
  18. sorry didnt realise that you checked here!! still not used to site. No they said that the software is not working and i needed to ask for them to post me a dvd!! have done so.
  19. Hi i have just checked the road maps etc.. I was driving down a one way street called BLOOMSBURY STREET there was a blue arrow on the traffic lights pointing forward and i followed a car in front that turned left into SHAFTESBURY AVE. My PCN states. The council believes that a penalty charge is payable with respect to the vehicle with the registration number shown above following an alleged traffic contravention: FAILING TO DRIVE IN THE DIRECTION SHOWN BY THE ARROW ON A BLUE SIGN (PROCEEDING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION) IN SHAFTESBURY AVE??? Do i have a case seeing as they said that i was in SHAFTESBURY AVE??? thanks col
  20. Hi so sorry but how do i post a copy of the PCN?? I also only have 14 days to appeal and the date of the PCN is 22nd october even though i didnt get it till 29th many thanks collette
  21. Hi How do i post a copy of the PCN? sorry to sound like an idiot thanks collette
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