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  1. thanks again for the quick reply which one do you think would be the best for me to go for, if i have to pay 10 for each one so be it, which gives me the greater information to get these people of my back. i realise this is the chicken and egg question but which one gives me the greater power if this is the right word to prove that they have not got enough information to hold me to account and i can fight back. thank you very much winchester
  2. thanks for all your help, this site is just great. question please what is the difference please between a cca and a sar request, is one better than the other, do i get more information with one or the other, and of course which one is better when dealing with a dca. i now i go on a bit but i will get my life back, much thanks winchester
  3. i do apoligise, the first thing i should have said was can i do this after all this time seeing i have being paying cccs, does the stop me sending a cca or sar to these companies, thanks alot cheers winchster
  4. thanks for the quick reply, i am certain that there is no ppi on any of the accounts, which would be the best to make sure about whether the accounts are valid seeing i have being paying them for sometime, cca or sar the companies, thanks for your help. winchester
  5. cpuld i have your help please, i have 7 debts with cccs which i have over the past 4 years paid on a monthly basis, now having over the last 2 years ( i know i should have done something sooner), read this great site i feel now i must do something about these. 2 are very old barclay card accounts over 20 years old, 2 marks and spencer accounts over 10/15 years old, one creations account well over 10 years old, one coop account and one capital account these are only 6/7 years old. question please should i cca these or sar these which would in your opion be the best way foward, i am going to get my life back on track and the first thing i am going to do is to sort my cccs account out thanks for any help that you can give cheers winchester
  6. thanks again, i have been with cccs for 4 years, it is only recently that i ahve realised that it is possible that some of debts could be sent a cca, do you think i should send them all a cca or am i pushing my luck?? thanks
  7. thanks for the quick reply, i am paying these back with some others via cccs all of the others are on my noddle report, but these are not, that is why i thought about sending them a cca request, do you think that would be a good idea, thank you very much
  8. a very quick question please i have a very old barclaycard debt and a store card with creation both of these are at least 20 years old i am paying back vie ccccs, but both both are not on my noddle report, does the re-constituted agreement apply, is if i cca these can they send anything they like or has it got to be a proper agreement. thanks very much sorry what i should have said i am going to send both a cca do you think this i a good idea any thoughts would be very grateful
  9. good afternoon, well it is now nearly 4 months since freds sent back the reply saying they were passing my cca onto their clients and will revert to you as soon as they are in reciept of instructions, well i have heard nothing does this mean they cannot find anything?? if they cannot could i claim back money i have paid freds, thanks very much
  10. thanks very much mike, an i pick your brain more please ?? the two store cards not on my credit report, do you think that they are unenforceable?? cheers
  11. sorry what i did not say that there a 2 credit/store cards that are not on my credir report do i assume that they are not enforceable
  12. i have been helped on this forum a few times so thanks, i have 4 store cards and credit cards that i have, now been helped by cccs one or two go back 20 years or so, i am still paying these via cccs would it be any good sending them a cca letter or sar, or am i just wasting my time, thanks for any help, i have checked my credit check and they are on there winchester
  13. good afternoon, thanks brigadier, that means a lot, and i am sure i will wait, and yes i will just see what they come back with, thanks so much. winchester
  14. good evening, sorry to bother people, but could i have a answer to my last post please, i am not sure what to do next seeing i have just got a letter back from freds. do i just wait for an answer from egg or just sit tight. does the 12+2 days include the time freds passed the cra to egg or does it start when, egg get the demand, and also what about my £1 po not much i know, but can freds hold this, please help thanks very much
  15. good afternoon, well that was quick, have just got a letter from freds. it just says we have referred the matter to our client and will revert to you as soon as were are in receipt of instructions. in the meantime, we confirm that we have placed the account on hold. so please can i ask some questions, what happens now, what do i do if egg, come back, with sometime and do they still have to reply within the 12+2 days and finally what about my £1 postal order that was sent, should that come back. thanks for all your help.
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