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  1. just to update you motormile have now gone too far. I had an e mail from my friend who lived next door to me at my old address saying that one of thier thugs started hammering on my old door making a racket. my neigbour came out to find out what the noise was to find this thug tsking pictures of my old house and basically acted like a thug bailiff. shooting his mouth off. this is despite telling mmf i no longer lived at that address several times. informed ts who told me to call the police to report them but as usual told civil and better still told thst cannot be arrested for torte of trespass harassment or stalking unless he did something to me (great get kneecapped then the cops will do something) what advise can you give me to finslly get em off my bsck
  2. if it was registered before the sale then why did our sols release all our funds and when I told our sols about what they did thry said it was fishy as I had complsined to BH agsin sbout the ppi and had put the claim in for this and paid a lump on the ccj it seems now that they are holding me and the new owners to rsnsom
  3. they got the full charging order on the 1st august we exchanged contracts on 29th july so in essence they got the charge after the sale.
  4. I am updating again and need a reply please as I am now and my wits end with scm thier lies and what they have done. scm despite being told that the house was sold before the full charging order date hearing writing to the courts with our objections and telling the court that the ppi was in dispute scm still refused to accept that refused to place the account in dispute and despite us moving before the hearing date went aheasd and got the full charge on the old property. now they have said that they are refusing to let the new owners to have the deeds unless we pay the whole lot including the disputed amount. It seems that because we couldn't get to the court fior the 1st aug as we now live over 100 miles away the lied to the court to get the charge and it also seems that the judge didn't even read our objections I only found out that the full charge went on when I called black horse about the ppi and discovered that they got the full charge. I now feel that not only that they are holding me to ransom but the new owners too what can I do now before I lose all my mentsl abilities and have a total breakdown to tell you the truth I am at my wits end and feel like ending it all
  5. in May 2010 I took out a loan for 300 with QQ and as I lost my job was unable to payh this baCK. I tried with them to set up a repayment plan but they refused point black instead threatening me with the usual we will come to bully you into submission. They in turn sold this onto muck hall who again refused to come to any arrangement and again threatened me with fire and brimstone plus demanding well over 400 quid. saw them off for this only to be sold off again to MMF who unfoirtunatly for them have screwed up big time. I mailed them over the last 8 weekish with a settlement as I was in possision to do this but they (no surprises) refused. they wanted the full amount plus started to send me mails from one of thier bully boy field agents stating that they were going to turn up annanounced at WAIT FOR IT ........................................... my old address . mailed them with the torte of trespass letter but he was still thresatening to turn up annanounced snt the letter 6 more times and still the numptie didn't get the message and continued to send me mails saying that he was going to turn up unanounced at my previous address. despite saying I am not there and offereing a f&F settlemtnt . I found the MD of the company and mailed him telling him he better call off his bullyboy as I was going to inform the police and oft as the mails constituted not only harrassment but stalking. (one said no matter where you are we will find you) I id infiorm the oft who were appalled at the content of the mails and forwarded them onto trading standards and infact also told me to inform the police also as this could constitute possible stalking. Told the blokey this and was called purile and childish but at this time mr dumbo mailed someone in his office telling her to tell me to accept 200 as a settlement (this is the best bit) the total idiot in error sent his internal e mail to me telling her to get me to accept the offer and put this to bed. should I wait and see pay 200 nto clear or my original offer of 30P in the £ due to the illegal harrasment and threats of stalking.
  6. yay finally back online after moving took their time lol. MMF are still at it despite sending 6 yes 6 letters and e mails revoking the doorstep rights one of thier numpties even left thier mobile number so he could go to my old address and to call him boy did I he got a real mouthful from me only for the MD to mail me stating that I am reporterd for being abusive and told me to seek legal representation (ooooooooooooooooooooooo im scared) this outfit on several occasions have been told I am not working and if indeed it was to go to court then thry would only get 1.00 per month but they seem to think that they are the law and can assess me seek me out and promise to do all sorts of dca ish things to me anyone here ever had MMF take them to court and win?????
  7. update. OH dear they did really screw up. despite telling them on several occasions that the house was no longer ours as sold and completed before the court date for the full charging order they still went to court lied to them and got the charge on the property wich was not ours and hasnt been for almost 4 weeks. refusing again the F&F and refusing to hold the account until outcome off PPI claim. any ideas where to go from from here
  8. basically cos MMF baught the debt 10p in the £ they have threatened me ignored me treated me like **** refused to set up an agreement other than what they wanted sorry for ranty but I refuse to fund these morons for the continued use of thier threats
  9. Update Well We got our moving date we should have been in our new house tomorrow but a silly intern at our buyers sols messed up big time so we are now out friday. I wrote to the courts day after posting took advise from the CAB who were as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Also put a claim in for the PPI which on all accounts should have put the account on hold as we have heard nothing from BH either they think they still can get the charge or fuming cos we are fighting this funny thing was BH told our sols that they must retain the money for them (they were told no) so all seems good at the mo Hopefully and when moved I am going to pay the 3000 to them and no more
  10. well thanks to an incompitant intern at our buyers sols mucking up our moving dates and mixed us up with another house (must be a split couple as they wanted to retain half the money) LOL we are still here until friday. but MMF refused my F&F saying they are only allowed to knock 25% off (me thinks that her target is low) but I am adamant I am not paying thier inflated figures the little madam there e mailed me and told me if I wanted installments 46 per month and I am unemployed but that makes no odds these people seem to think that we can magic money from anywhere we wish . the ironic thing is she told me if I paid online then I would get a much reduced figure went to look and still over the odds. Went in the next day and it had doubled so they can whistle. when I am settled at the new house I shall pay my 30p in the £ and no more if I were you report them to the OFT for "pretending to be Bailiffs" I know I am
  11. Watch em though I sent that letter 3 times to them and they still threatened to call I faught this and in the end they agreed to put the account on hold until I looked into this. I have offered a f&F settlement of 30p in the £ stating that I fwelt it was acceptable due to the OFT breakages and continua lharrasement via E Mail I willupdate you with the conclusion in a few days as I am on themove and wont even be here for the next few days (sorry for the keyboard but it is shot)
  12. good for yiou I,m with these clowns also and hopefully by EOM ill be without them for good (moving and ending up mortgae freee. ) I managed initiallyh to get some of the charges reversed and in all 200 comp from them due to thier errors but they are beginning to add charges back on the best one is nyon 400 for changing a direct debit dater a few days forward I will also look to get the rest of the charges back funny how a 94,000 morgage (interest only) asnd as a redemoption figure of nearly 100,000 they want . at most I think without the rest of the charges in reality when I calculated everything (should be no early repayment as it has run its course) i should be paying back only 97,000 I have heard stories of them if cornered and paid what you think you owe when turning the mortgage in they refuse to release the deeds causing no end of mysery for the new owners any thaughts ?????
  13. will do all I have to do to set out now is the battle with BH who used the PPI which was forced upon us never took any payments for the loan just the PPI then had the audacity to get a CCJ by default gave no contact details to where to pay sent a book 6 months later started paying then decided they were going to take a charge out on my house for the full wack stating I was 6.00 in arrears. letters compalining already gone to court. House is already sold STC BH refusing to co-operate on all levels I even offered to settle for the loan itself in full when sale completed and was told by them My loan was the kind no settlements could be made. I did oppose this on the legal side but unfortunatly was met with nothing you can do attitude so posted here instead.
  14. not a blooming thing at all thats what I mean they got the ccj by default just sent a ccj through to me with absolutly nothing on it to say where to pay just a date for 11th every month this is what I am trying to say when we were fist in the proverbial with BH we tried to get a lower payment with them tried to get ppi cancelled then wanted to use the ppi but hit a brickwall at every turn all we were told when we couldnt maske the payments was to cancel the dd and default even then they refused to set up a plan demanded the whole amount then the next thing \I knew CCJ on the doormat then a few days ago this charge LR is a minefiled its take from feb this year when we sold this house initially to now to even get them to acknowlege the error initially they wanted me to do a adverse posession but it seems now they are looking into this was an error and that the deeds need to be merged and poss new title number which will be transferred over to the new owners but who knows how LR works.
  15. we could of if we had thier address we even looked it up and nadda and sorry I meant that I would pay the loan itself in full with the sale proceeds we were assured that there will be no problems with the equitable charge by LR who are fast tracking their surveyor out to us to get the pre sale in place so that they cant get the charge and have been told that when the titles are merged then it will be a whole new deed and title number so the old one will be defunct . Onmywaout huns BH are adamant that they want the costs for ppi as well and are being awkward in letting us claim this back (more money for them LOL) she recons she already lodged the complaint but when we asked about this she became extremely vaue changed the subject and just keopt going on about how she was going to have this charge
  16. equitable I dont know if you saw in a previous post we have written to the court with our defence (well drafted) and discovered because of the deeds are not in order due to this LR dispute that they cannnot go for the charge that woman called my parner and he told her this and she seemed to avoid this .m As for the payments (no disrespect) How in the hell could we pay anything when BH left us in the dark with no way of getting money to them for the first 6 months payments but as the house is sold STC also it would not take 100 of years to pay them off and get this my partner again sais that because of the ppi being missold and nothing came of the debt itself only the ppi we were happy to pay for the loan itself plus a bit more her reply???????? No F&F as the kind of loan I had does not allow this
  17. yes it has this is what we want to dispute as well as this charge they want as we never ever received any correspondance from BH default notice any letters stating if we paid the arrears then they would stop action in thier infanate wisdom they decided to be obstreperous firstly when the CCJ was granted asnd I agreed to the 1.00 it took them nyon 6 months to sent a method of payment we were clueless to where or who to pay and no contact numbers , then we received the book in feb started paying over the odds more than 1.00 so we would look better then in april and may no payment because of DWP errors left us weith no monety at all (they even messed up the mortgae payment CT asnd utilities june I payed the 1.00 and then this month 10.00 They decided that they would get the interim behind my back so I could not defend myself explain to the courts I only received the interim along with this propsal for the charge . So looking at this rAtionally this arrears of 6.00 was when they decided not to send the method of payment. it seems to me that BH never intended to let me pay 1.00 but wanted a charge instead . Funnily enoough today I receive good news from another creditor who had to drop a claim for a CCJ as the paperwork was never correctly submitted and the court dismissed the whole thing
  18. just phoned the court they are still going through the mail so not on system as yet Understandable they told me to send the copy I have to doubly ensure that it is on there as I only received this letter about an hour ago I didnt expect it to be on there at the mo but from what they said it is def discontinued claim. Thanks CAG for the letter I found to sent this low life DCA and got it deleted hugs to all. all needs to be done now is one other malaka (tee hee google it) to stop an illegal charge going on and I will be freee from all debts , it was a shame that over 5 years ago I didn't have the knowlege I could have saved 1000,00 of pounds settling debts and ccjs
  19. still at northampton bulk center the discontuniation document has been signed by the court
  20. Just had a claim struck out against First credit wrote to them asking for all documents they couldnt provide didnt even pay anything to them for a SAR received letter just now stating that the claim has been discontinued. IM freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  21. !st august 12pm but from what I read up on they will get it whether I contest it or not ill quote the letter that BH (BTW ITS SCM sols that are doing it on thier behalf) sent sdayiong basically on one hand pay the whole lot off in one hit or we will jhave the charge then actually goes on to threaten that once charging order is in place we have to pay what BH says or further action will be taken. (not court B H) attached is the application then stating our mortgage providers then the deed As I think this will help not sure as according to LR if there is a problem with the deeds the charge cannot be granted a 50 year olsd error which was never rectified (only found out as sale proceeding) and part of the property is not in my name so deeds will not be correct at all I know you are trying to help but it just seems whereever I turn to who ever I ask I just get told basically deal with it let them have the charge (if they get it it means that I cannot buy my new home as it is being baught out of the proceeds of this house.
  22. It's not so much being upset (which of course I am), it's more of the fact that there was no previous contact to inform us of any arrears, we were paying until we ran into difficulties due to DWP errors, there were also no account statements or any other ways of contacting them to inform them we had problems, it took 6 months before we had any means to make the first payment, realistically it feels so cheap and downright nasty to take advantage of only £6 arrears, which had we known we were behind by "so much" we would have cleared them immediately. We made an effort to try and resolve these issues, but they had no interest and seemed only focused on the charging order, we feel it is down to their error of not sending us means to pay that they abused this to take full opportunity to underhandedly force these actions.
  23. I didnt know until today what I am saying is that this shower jhas done everything behind our back snever ever ever gave us the opportunity to sort this out we received no corresponsdance from them that there waS A problem no opportunity to defend myself or to infact sort this out continually being lied to by BH stating I had no rights being obstructive refusing to listen and try and get this sorted not researching background that house has been sold just went into LR saw what I had and decided to go ahead when I asked her could she stop my sale I got possibly while laughing at me they thaught it was funny whne I asked she if the got the charge would they go for a sale she said possibly its in our interest
  24. well from what I can see is they went for a interim behind my back didnt infiorm me no oportunity to defend this at all then decided to go for the jugular. This is why its so irregular and underhanded looking at wehat they sent me they were on 1st july went for the intertim without telling me and got it by default so that they can go for the charge that in itself is sneakyv and 1st aug they want to go all the way it seems to be that they on purpose didnt tell me that I could have sorted this out before it got that far so that they can do the charge and laugh all the way to the bank. Sorry im ranty but it seems no matter what I do or say to them they say I have no rights and have to put upwith it when I said I was going to defend they said dont matter you have no rights the law is on thier side and Ill lose so get over it
  25. thing was funnily enough I told her I would pay the arrear on the spot and she refused point black rather going for the charge in anycase I paid the arrears yesterday after the call with a bit on top. so until 11th next month I am clear of arrears but its still not good enough. I am compliling a defence for the court at the moment stating all the facts the only thing I am worried about now is if they lied to me whats to say they will lie to the courts. and being big they will be believed and twist things making me out to be in the wrong just so they can have thier pound of flesh
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