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  1. hope they do something this time my OH says that our Mr Carter is quite a regular in Northampton CC
  2. Think they are, when I went to the bank to ask for a copy of the dd mandate they also supplied a telephone number for fredricksons and guess what????? its the same name as Yup you guessed it Bryan Carter
  3. in teeny tiny letters at the bottom of the page he must be trying to worm his way out of it We will have to start calling Carter by a new nickname TEFLON MAN cos nothing ever sticks
  4. yes I have a number I rang but watch out they are very arrogant and controlling dont let them brow beat you Good luck its 08701125136 keep your head when talking to them they will wind you up until you crack have gone to my bank and requested the original copy of the direct debit form and all the statements as its my intention to claim back under the direct debit scheme and also I am going to go to the FOS and see what they can do as wehrn on the phone to this person when mentioned that they ceased trading back in feb they tiold me I was misinformed ?????? A bare faced lie me thinks good luck huns and let me know what happens
  5. sorry to bring up this thread again but ive just had a lighbulb momnet I had to phone bryan carter up after receiving 2 letters saying id cancelled a dd which they had carried on cashing after the trading ceasid in feb (which I never set up in the first place) while speaking to some arrogant person on the phone i mention oh I thaught you had ceased trading to which I got was you got it wrong we never did mmmmmmmmmmmmm and both letters are letterheaded as bryan carter solicitors
  6. Ive been paying Capquest for an outstanding UU bill for 6 months to discover now that its turned over to another collection agency who I rang today and paid the outstanding amount off (shock horror a very nice man took my call) I heard on the grapevine (quote me if I'm wrong) that capquest are in trouble is this true
  7. I got on the phone to them just supplied my dob and ripped em apart the cheeky begger broke all dpa i only gave a dob nothing else said I set up the dd last year yeah and when I mentioned about why the dd was cancelled then accused me of doing this gave me info without knowing who I really was and when mentioning they ceased trading in feb ihe said that was a lie. Was a bit naughty though before he got all flustered and hung up I did lose my rag and asked him whether his brain had shrunk to zero matching the size of his man bits
  8. update and how about this as I was saying about BC canvelling that dd they have now sent a or sent 2 letters threatening me with court action ACCUSING ME of cancelling the DD low tactic
  9. ill let you all know how I get on and hopefully these cheats will yet again be out of business.
  10. to update on this went to my bank and they were as useful as a chocolate fireguard all they gave me was Bryan carters tel number ?????????????????? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. I myself am dealing with these people and only discoved thet they set up a dd without my knowledge, Ive even been to to my bank and all they could provide me with was a telephone number buyt the dd was cancelled not by the bank or by me but by bryan carter they think
  12. we could always set up a company and call them 20 - 30 times a day threaten em with "legal action" if they dont cough up :grin:
  13. Im gonna go to the bank tomorrow and ask to see the copy of the dd form and whether it was signed ot not also if they have ceased trading where would I start to go for action and to get the money back from them
  14. I have never signed a dd mandate with them cap one never had my bank details (I paid by cheques to them) and the letter I had from Bryan carter was the first I ever got from them . Its worring that people like this DCA or former DCA can just grab your details for domewhere set thier own targets and get to your money Illegal me thinks????? I have to go to my bank and ask for the last 8 months statements to scan throughand find out
  15. Me thinks ive been a numskull I have a debt with capital one which was passed over or Bryan Carter . .. being in debt I didnt think or realise that this company had ceased trading and when a direct ebit showed up on my bank account for them I didn;t reaslise or think about it at the time until I came on here that I had never ever set one up with them. then al of a sudden this month the Direct debit has been wiped off my account and the money not taken I am now in a possition to pay off the debts I have and don't know how or where to pay this debt or if now I need to or how much. I did have a letter Headed Bryan carter 3 months ago asking whether I'd up my payments called em a a lady on the phone when I called em said if you can't afford to dont worry and destroy the letter which I did (derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) anyone else had this or knows what happened I'd be interested as I thaught it was illegal to set up any bank details without our conesent and more worrying how in the hell did they find out my bank account details. :confused:
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