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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me on a issue! I work for a large company to which we are all being made redundant in November. In October 2008 the company changed its pay arrangement from a ‘current’ system to an ‘in arrears’ system. During this transitional period a pay advance was made to some staff members to cover the wage gap for employees during this time, in the last 6 years no arrangement or no further contact was made to pay this back, but now all of a sudden they want this money back within 2 weeks or over a 6 month period!! this is quite harsh seeing as we are all being made redundant.. to be honest since that transitional loan no further contact was made and we kind of forgot about it! A number of staff have left during the 6 year period and have not, as yet been asked to pay this back. Can they legally claim this back from us after all this time?.. Any advice would be great Many Thanks
  2. thankyou everyone for your advice, you cant believe how my mind has been put at ease just reading all these threads, many thanks
  3. i just find it wierd that they can put dates on this so called debt as being recent in last 2 years which is most definatly not the case, yes 15 years ago but nothing in last few years as i have repaired my credit long time ago x
  4. regarding the last thread im just concerned they can put a charge on my property, is this possible
  5. i have also recieved a letter from MH stating this notice is given to you as required by the consumer credit act 1974 because you fell behind with your payments under this agreement with your original creditor... then it states statement of my account statement date is 27/10/2010 period covering 01/10/2008 to 27/10/2010 vendour hfc bank opening balence on 29/04/2010 is £2,474.85 i havent replyed because i have taken no credit out through hfc, the only thing i can think this is is from a store card 16 years ago with miss selfridges or topshop which i vaguely remember being hfc bank, other that that nothing. i recived another letter today stating despite previous contact and failing to respond, they have obtained this alternative address as a financial link, linking the address to my previous abose, supplyed by a credit reference agency, they are now threatening payment by deadline of 23/11/10.. im very worried, please can anyone give me any advice on this matter much appreciated thanks x
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