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  1. lala25 - We originally complained that BH has overcharged us on products as if they are taken out on any day other than a Saturday you will pay more for the items, this is due to the fact that BH spread the payments over 52, 104 weeks etc when you take the contract out on say Tuesday you pay to the Saturday and the first week so in effect you are paying 2 weeks but they only count it as one. Then you pay a further 51 weeks. By which time you forgot that the first payment was for over a week - and BH make a nice profit. If you question it they fob you off saying that it was the PIF (Paid in Full) amount - rubbish they are ripping you off. Look at your contract(s) is/are the first payments you made for more than the first week i.e 1 week 3 days. If so complain to BH who will fob you off and give you 6 months to go to the Ombudsman. Then complain to the FOS that they have overcharged you, and that you had to take out the OSC and DLC as we all know they say you have to have them. Also did you ever miss a payment - if so then your DLC and OSC should have lapsed. If BH still continued to make you pay for them they are in breach of their own contract which states that if you miss a payment then the OSC and DLC lapse. We all know that when you make the missed payment you have to include the OSC and DLC and then continue paying them - BH are not allowed to do that. Include that and then see what the FOS says. For us we had all the contracts etc and could prove what we were saying. BH never responded to the FOS so it was found in our favour and received 2 cheques from them for all the OSC, DLC, Overpayments, 8% interest from the first payment of OSC and DLC and Overpayments, and £100 for D&I. It is worth pursing if you have the time and energy, but it won't be quick as BH always take the maximum amount of time that is allowed for responding. We have been pursing this for about 2 years so finally paid off. Hope you have as much luck as we have had. If you need any assistance the peeps on here are quite brilliant mpenn
  2. Update After hours of phoning BH to find out what they were doing we received a cheque for £2355.42 which they said was the full and final payment - after telling them it wasn't and getting back in touch with the Ombudman we received another cheque for £1113.49 making a total of £3468.91 which was all the OSC, DLC, Overpayments and 8% interest and £100 D&I. What a nice Xmas pressie It is worth pursing but may take a while for the right resolution peeps. Thanks CAG for all the help. mpenn
  3. Spoken to the Financial Ombudsman today and its 8% on each payment NOT 8% total. So BH owe us more than they have initially paid. mpenn
  4. Hmmm still not sure then, think I may have to ask the Financial Ombudman which it is so that can either accept or reject their offer. Thanks mpenn
  5. Have a question when the FO says 8% interest on the OSC and DLC is it 8% on each payment or 8% of the total amount because BH have only done 8% of the total as the interest. Just need clarification please mpenn
  6. Update - Had a Letter from BH today with a cheque for £2355.42 as full and final settlement - only problem is that it is £1100 short of what we worked out they owed us. There is no breakdown of the figures so phoning Monday to get figures to see what they have paid and not paid. mpenn
  7. So had the final decision from the Financial Ombudsman Brighthouse have to refund all the overpayments and 8% interest All OSC and DLC and 8% interest £100 Compensation They now have 28 days from 30 October to contact us to make settlement. Lets see what they do, if anything mpenn
  8. Well received the letter from the Financial Ombudsman stating that: BH Need to refund the overpayments +8% interest Refund all OSC and DLC +8% interest £100 compensation just need to work out the interest if someone could point me to the right place to be able to do that I would be grateful Thanks CAG mpenn
  9. Just to update on what is happening so far, decided that going straight to court was not the best option and decided to go to the Financial Ombudsman instead. Had a preliminary letter from them stating that they were upholding my claim, but the Ombudsman would need to make the final agreement. Today had an email stating that the Ombudsman is upholding our claim and we should receive a letter in the next week or two. Happy Days Also can I point out to all BH customers that if you take your agreement out on any day other than a Saturday, then YOU WILL pay more for the item. This is because they work it out eg £52 for 52 weeks = £1.00 per week. If the contract starts on a Saturday you will pay £1. If it starts on Monday you will pay £1 + £1/7*5 = £1.71 then you will pay 51 weeks at £1. So in effect you will pay £52.71 for the item. Consider that this is only for something that cost £1 a week. Each customer that doesn't claim that 71p back is lining BH pockets BEWARNED!!! Will update when we get the letter from the FO mpenn
  10. Thank you for responding Jason - but its too little to late. Court paperwork ready to be filed in the morning with the Court. You have had in total 5 months to sort this matter out. Still nothing has been done. So expect the paperwork from court soon.
  11. Well still nothing from BrightHouse either via Email or letter so on to the next stage now. They have had their 7 extra days to respond and nothing so am now going to start court proceedings as getting nowhere with BH.
  12. Following on from the closed thread, we are on 6 day of their allotted 7 days to reply and still nothing from them. If nothing is had by tomorrow then it will be the issuing of the court documents via the small claims court. Not really expecting to hear from them with a satisfactory response only the usual, sorry we don't accept what you are saying. Will update as and when something happens. mpenn
  13. Jason Might be worth mentioning that the email you provided has a space in between Bright and House and so is not recognised. So sent to customer.relations@brighthouse.co.uk. Also advised that only email or postal correspendence will be accepted and a time limit of 7 further days.
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