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  1. Thank you all. I will withdraw the case and start again. Do I need to notify the court? They aren't really picking up the phone. The most annoying thing is how badly this was handled by Amazon.
  2. Sorry, I thought external hosting is just easy to use. Also, I rushed that list, resulting in the name showing. Inbox_Claim_REF.pdf
  3. Sorry, I meant I lost my all scanned documents. I have access to money claims account (GOV website with claim details) and notice of trial document. Nothing else. I am missing the Defence Pack Password: for the moneyclaim website.
  4. It seems it's better to withdraw as I don't have any paperwork. My scanner app on the phone is showing no files regarding this claim. I won't be able to provide the docs. Thank you all.
  5. Just realized that the deadline for paying the £59.00 trial fee has passed on the May 17th. But when contacting the helpline this week, I was told the court hearing date is still on? By now, I have fully realized I have messed up. Should I just drop this case and go after Interparcel?
  6. Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to review the documents. I apologize for any confusion and for not providing a complete story earlier. Let me address your questions and provide a clearer chronology of events: • Purchase Date from Amazon Germany: June 12, 2020 • Item Failure Date: May 2022 • Notification to Amazon within Warranty Period: June 2022 • Return Arrangements to Amazon: The agent from Amazon emailed me the request to send the item back. • Issues with Warranty Period: When I raised the issue of the lost parcel with Amazon, they mentioned being out of the warranty period, even though they had previously initiated the return process. It seems the date had passed, but that wasn’t the case. I initiated the return within the warranty period (before June 12, 2022), but the return hadn’t generated a label (it needed to be sent abroad). So, I contacted Amazon, and they instructed me about the process on June 26—handling everything myself and the cost to be reimbursed later. • Choice of Interparcel: Interparcel was one of the few couriers/brokers that would ship the item to Slovakia. • Involvement of parcel2go: I used "The Evri International" service, which is operated by Parcel2go.com Limited (company number 02591405) under the Evri brand. This led me to decide to go after them. I realize the importance of answering the questions and apologize for any oversight. Here are the additional details and clarifications: • Witness Statement and Court Bundle: I haven't prepared these, as I wasn’t aware they were needed. • Mediation: I did attend mediation; however, Parcel2go rejected all my claims. I understand the gravity of possibly having to abandon the current case and pursue Interparcel or Evri directly. Your advice is invaluable, and I will provide any further information required to help assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Thank you again for your assistance.
  7. Here (edited for personal information). Claimform.pdf filed defence.pdf
  8. Hi everyone, I have a court hearing date scheduled for June regarding this case. The service in question is Evri International, which I booked through Interparcel. However, I am aiming to hold Parcel2Go.com (P2G) liable because they operated the Evri International service. The Evri International website, which is operated by Parcel2go.com Limited (with company number 02591405) under the Evri brand. Given that my booking was made through Interparcel and not directly with P2G, am I still in a position to take Parcel2Go to court? Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Yes, that is their full defence. Four bullet points. I didn't really provide Particulars of Claim, that was my Reason for claim.
  10. The claim is against Parcel2Go.com. It's not a MCOL but a small claims court claim. They disagree with the claim: 2.1. The Claimant on this order has confirmed that they booked an order with Interparcel and not Parcel2Go.com. 2.2. Interparcel is a third party service offering the same parcel solutions as Parcel2Go.com for people sending their parcels. 2.3. Parcel2Go.com have no connection to Interparcel or any of their services. 2.4. The Claimant is required to bring the claim against the correct company. My Claim: I am writing to address a regrettable situation involving a missing parcel, and I am now seeking compensation for this unfortunate occurrence. The parcel, which bears the tracking number XXXX, was booked for delivery through 3rd party company (Interparcel). Nevertheless, my claim is directly against Parcel2Go as the main contract for the delivery of the parcel was organized through them. The item, originally meant to be an Amazon return, did not make it to my address for reasons currently unknown to me. The financial value of the missing item is €220.84. Therefore, I am requesting full compensation for my loss, which includes the original cost of the item as well as the associated shipping expenses. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I trust that an amicable resolution can be reached swiftly, avoiding the need for further legal proceedings. Yours faithfully,
  11. I have started to file a court claim against Parcel2Go.com and they have rejected it as I booked with Interparcel. The parcel was booked through interparcel and the service used was Evri International. According to the website: The Evri International website is operated by Parcel2go.com Limited(with company number 02591405) under the Evri brand (which is a trading name of Evri). Is Parcel2go.com my target here? is it fair to hold them liable for the loss as the "operator" under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999?
  12. I was about research some agencies that could potentially help, but gave up fairly quickly. This is already not a nice experience. To clarify, I have paid for and booked the courier myself.
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