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  1. So the mediation happened yesterday as planned. It was quick. 1st call simply gave a statement as advised here: Under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 I enjoy full contractual rights and you have the statutory right to sue Hermes. 2nd call after Mediator spoke with the person representing Hermes: Apparently quote: "as a gesture of good will" Hermes are willing to pay the full amount without the court fees. I've rejected the offer. Here's the moment when the mediator got upset with me saying if I'm not willing to negotiate the mediation is not for me. As the conversation continued she proposed to ring the other party and ask if they're willing to pay the court fees. Final call: Hermes will pay the full amount, including fees. I know the amount was relatively small and a lot of people wouldn't bother but here's a proof that you can get your money back with little admin work and support of this forum. Thank you BankFodder for the advice here.
  2. Appreciate the help. My long reply to your post got removed after a "site not secure" warning. I will keep it short. I think you've been a bit harsh on me but I agree with some of your points. Btw I've registered in 2007 that came as surprise to me as I don't even recall signing up. Here's an update: There's a Telephone Mediation scheduled for Wednesday next week. The claim is already for relatively small amount ~£100, should I still be prepared to lower that amount?
  3. There's a lot of personal data in both. Any specific section? Here's the Hermes defence.
  4. Last month I've submitted a claim with moneyclaim against Hermes. The usual story. Hermes lost the parcel. I was unable to get in touch with packlink. Sent multiple emails. Every time I got the same automated response: Of course I did provide the right number but every time received the same message, as no one actually wanted to help. The parcel was insured for the full amount. Here's how Hermes responded: Also: Should I proceed with the claim? If the timeline here is important here's an overview. Nov 2019 - parcel got lost Jan 2020 - trying to submit a claim with packlink, getting nowhere Mar 2020 - sent letter before action (both emails and post) to Hermes Oct 2020 - money claim court claim submitted
  5. I have visited my local branch and asked for refund and the answer was that the charge was fair @f7200 this was first time I had an unapid dd what to do now ?
  6. hi I'm new to this forum and the UK I have direct debit set-up with paypal. In August 2007 there wasn't enough money on my current account to cover one of my paypal payments. So I transffered them from my savings account next day. 3 days later paypal charged me successfully that amount again. Yesterday Lloyds charged my account with £35 unpaid direct debit fee. 1 question: was it fair to do so ? 2 if not: would I be able to make claim ?
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