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  1. Hi bankfodderfinished paying my mortgage want to claim for admin charges and visitsetc , is there a special template for the mortgage charges etc . Thanks
  2. Reading mine seems same as yours but looking into details thanks
  3. Hi just doing the same as you have you had a reply back from halifax as i have just received my sar and i have a loan a and b , please let me know what they are i thought i had a mortgage only too.
  4. Bump, have been trying to find by reading lots of threads but no sucess.
  5. Hi Can anyone e-mail me the terms and conditions for a Halifax credit card for the year 2001 please as would like to compare with the 2 different ones I have been sent with my CCA requests , will be going to court in Jan will put more on here when I have filed my amended defence.
  6. Can anyone tell me that is the account in dispute if you are arguing over the charges as they are chasing me with solictors and I welcome them to take me to court as charges and lots of other issues will occur if they do this ,awaitng my reply from the OFT, will let you know regardless if LBL are reading this
  7. Thank you is it me I am sure we will find out in the end who is exactly who on this site .
  8. Thank you for your interest boocoo.Will be writing to the OFT to see if they have an opionion on this
  9. Thank you for your advice will be reading more
  10. Hi Rusty I have had plenty of good help on this site , you will get lots too.
  11. Hi Rusty Haven't you received any statements from Citi this should have your account number etc on , then you could ask for a copy of the credit agreement using Template letter, or you could phone and ask your account number
  12. Had two loans from Barclays , wrote to them to claim PPI , but their reply was that as they were more than 6 years ago they are refusing to deal with my complaint is this right? Thanks in advance
  13. Just to let you now I sent them a harrassment template letter about the phone calls , they sent a letter back saying that the phone will commence and ignoring this letter , but strangely enough I have not received one phone in about three weeks , rest assured I will be on my guard as if they start I will let them hang themselves well and truly:p
  14. Do you think it is worth writing to the OFT about this to get their opinion , as yes the bill of sale wasn't registered in time in my opinion and has hardly any figures on the bill of sale but has most of the financial figures in the agreement .Not to mention it was witnessed by someone from Log Book Loans . Can anyone help me compose a letter please ?
  15. Thank you Sequenci So if the Bill of Sale was not registered in time do you think this would make the agreement void as both documents are linked ?
  16. Thank you for your help , just trying to define what exactly is clear days , working days or just full days , looks to me the bill of sale was not registered in time , has anyone got any thought on this please ?
  17. Hi Have been helping a friend with this as she is very depressed about her car been taken and alot of money still owing. The Bill of Sale date 13th November 2007. Just heard back from the high court they did not receive it until the 23rd November 2007 and was actually registered on the 26th November. Is it 7 working days or just seven days as this would make a difference . They also advised her to seek legal advice on this matter. She signed her credit agreement on the 14th November has all payment details on this but the Bill of sale actually only reads the amount secured and the rate of interest . Please help:confused: Bump
  18. Will also be making several complaints to the OFT soon about LBL as I am helping my friend with her loan from them , I will post as soon as I can , also waiting to hear from the high court about the BOS. Will post about this once I have had a reply. I am now in the process of checking her terms to see if they have been changed . Thank you for the advice about Wandsworth Trading Standards , every piece of the puzzle helps.
  19. I have been helping a friend with this but I couldn't get the bos online but she paid £40 to the high court , they are in the process of writing back to her as at first they could not find it but LBL have a stamp on it from the court so the court is looking into this , don't forget to ask if there has been any amendments ( if they requested more time to register etc)when requesting it. I am still learning all about this as I go , but will post if anything is of help.
  20. Great letter Rory , my daughter is having similar problems with Nat West taking her benefit to pay charges it must stop.
  21. Hi I have now made a complaint to the FOS and posted today , let you know if anythng else happens:confused:
  22. Hi Have you heard from them yet as I am in the same position as you Thanks
  23. Hi All I am not new but had to start again due to personal circumstances , after I have caught up with all the reading I will become active yet again .
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