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  1. Another case on BBC Radio/Devon this morning G24 location Plymouth, chap with a heart problem. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-18286627
  2. 3 members of a Bridgewater clamping company have been jailed. The court was told the men lay in wait day and night and targeted vulnerable motorists - often mothers with children. It was also told the fees they were demanding were "eye watering" - up to £500 - and always in cash. Williams, who admitted benefit fraud totalling £42,000, was jailed for five-and-a-half years. Stagg, who also admitted benefit fraud of £12,000, received a three-year jail term and Riddle, an employee of the company, was jailed for 18 months. grockle
  3. gardenlaw.co.uk is a good forum to ask this question, they have experts on this very subject
  4. Op, It would be a good idea if you were to visit xxxxxxxx, there are experts there on this very subject. 12+8 years may mean you have acquired the right to park there.
  5. Looks like there is a TRO in place, http://tro.parking-adjudication.gov.uk/default.aspx Click on T101 Cottery Meadow is in the list at the bottom of the page. grockle
  6. nilrs, google for "gardenlaw" there are experts on the site, that work in this field and will give you sound advise. grockle
  7. If this Robert Addams is in the UK and you want to have a bit of fun, send him an email reminding him that he is clueless about copyrite law. "Where an item is legally on sale within the EU (not just the UK), from either a wholesale or retail outlet, and is not a grey import or counterfeit, then,once it has been sold for the first time, its considered to be "in the stream of commerce". The verified rights owner, retains ownership of the trademark and copyrite, but no longer owns the item or has control over resale." "If consumers cannot transfer ownership of an item...they are effectively deprived of part of what they have paid for. such a restriction is a 'disguised penalty'." Do a search for "tabberone.com" and see how this lady deals with the vero members who think they own the world.
  8. The upgrade from 2mb to 10mb was a free one, it did not start the clock ticking for another year. I would love to know how Sky can claim "up to 20mb" over copper, around here ex2 area, the average is about 4.4mb.
  9. Looks good to me, cant fault it. Remember with VM, every time you make a change to your package, it starts a new 1 year contract
  10. Surely it cant be up to fred to approve a list for LD’s court bundle. LD have to supply the court and Fred with all documents etc that they will rely on during the case.
  11. Adobe will act pretty quick, email these 2 addresses, [email protected] [email protected]
  12. Providing the umpire is nuetral, this looks like game set and match to fred:D
  13. I got to thinking , (ouch) could the damaged barrier have been a very old mechanical model, this would account for the engineers report on the broken linkage and motor casing. Just a few minuets research proves that FAAC have used hydraulics for their barriers since 1965. It’s all very strange.
  14. Many thanks for all the replies, sorry to cause confusion, I should have been more specific regarding the fault in my first post. Prior to the fault both picture and sound were fine, I switched the tv on, the configuration text comes on screen for about 5 seconds. then it reverts to standby mode. There is no way to get out of standby mode. I did a quick search, and found about 10 posts where people have the exact same fault with this make and model, there does not seem to be a single known way to fix the fault, it could be any one of many components. I also found that the cut price "box shifters" are now selling this tv for £249, so there is little point in spending a load of dosh on an old set. I think my chances of getting the retailer to fix it for free, are just about nill. cheers grockle
  15. Your thoughts please. 27 month old, £500 LCD tv has died on me, should i consider this to be the normal life span for a telly in this price range ?, or should i try my luck and see if the retailer will repair. cheers grockle
  16. The one item most people forget is the Sky box, if you still have a phone line connected, then it must have a filter.
  17. Just had a thought, as they managed to produce a set of drill bits when they claimed you were searched, someone must have gone to the area where the bits were on display and picked up a package. Your solicitor needs to get a copy of the in-store video that shows who visited that area of the store after you left.
  18. index.dat is a binary file that holds tracking cookies etc, it cant be removed but it can be cleaned, google for "ccleaner", install, then run last thing befor you shutdown your PC. The google toolbar does have a tracking cookie , the above will remove any cookie thats installed, or you can delete the google toolbar.
  19. The answer is quite simple, if you had replied to the mail from squaretrade, stating that you did not want the feedback removed, it would have remained. Some powersellers use every trick in the book to get negative feedback removed, they rely on buyers not knowing the rules.
  20. Tractorgirl, Paypal's UA requires the seller to send the goods by an online trackable method, if you fail to do this, the buyer will win every time. My guess is that the buyer claimed the goods were not received. If you did send trackable, then the buyer is required to return the goods by the same method and furnish Paypal with the tracking number, only then will a refund be made.
  21. This is a question that has cropped up in other forums, and it would be nice to get a definitive answer. Paypal have done a runner to luxembourg and are registered there, and no longer have an office in the UK.
  22. Raise an item not received dispute with Paypal, the seller has to provide Paypal with an online tracking number, as s/he sent 1'st class and not RD or SD, s/he wont be able to do this.
  23. I'm not in the garage trade, but i am in engineering. If the thread in the manifold was stripped, then i would have used a Helecoil insert. A new thread would be cut, one size larger than the orignal, then a stainless steel insert would be screwed into the new thread bringing it back to it's original size. Half hour job at the most. grockle
  24. ida in fife, many thanks for the info, i'm sure there will be many people that will be very pleased to know they can still fight back. What a pity that the Data protection Act is not euro wide. Thanks again grockle
  25. Thanks everyone for all the info, but i'm still not sure if the Small Claims service can be used with a company thats not based in the UK. All the Paypal companies that are registered at Companies house, are not the same one that is registered in Luxembourg. cheers grockle
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