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  1. Absolutely right. It is frustration... Will follow the lead... Many Thanks Will keep you updated
  2. Having received the stock reply from CEL after sending my initial reply , I am sorely tempted to send this to them.... Any thoughts Please note that the driver denies parking the vehicle where they say it was during the alleged times. This can be proven ! The burden of proof is upon CEL and not the driver. If you insist on chasing this invalid parking charge I wish to be called as a witness to a court of law where CEL can present it’s case and the driver can defend it through legal representation.. There my solicitor will inform the bench of the drivers identity and call upo
  3. Good day to one and all. I found this site as I was searching for Civil Enforcement ltd. How brilliant a site it is. I have posted on the relevent thread and will be following your advice to the letter... Sean
  4. Good day all. I have received a Parking Contravention Enforcement notice for the Co-op car park in Chingford. The times on it are wrong as there is no way the car could have been parked for that period of time. 08:55 - 16:18 I was hoping that Choco would have a result by now as I have seen first hand how bailiffs act (not at my house , but through my profession) and relly dont want them at my door. I will be sending the stock reply letter. Will keep you updated
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