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  1. Hi My issue is that now that we have to register on the electoral role I have a problem. I do not want to be found by a particular debt company as I am back living with my Mum for a while who has a perfect credit history and I don't want her to be tarnished by my previous records a t another address. All my debts are paid off except one which may come back to haunt me; and therefore my Mum also. I know I can opt out of the public register. However, am I right in saying that debt companies are still allowed to check my details? If that is the case is it all debt companies or only registered ones? It would be great if you could qualify this for me. Many thanks. Kind regards Michael
  2. I am being chased for a debt of over £10,000.00 from over six years ago: It was not a loan or credit card or any type of finance agreement - it was an amount that occurred through a business bank account that was also closed by the bank over six years ago. It was a little like an unauthorised overdraft. I do remember the bank sending me a loan agreement to repay the money which I didn't sign or return to them. I never heard from them again. I have recently started getting letters from a collection agency to which I haven't responded. I have also since moved address but I have mail redirected. 1. Where do I stand? 2. What should I do? 3. Can they register it with the CRA's? 4. Does the six year staute barring apply as it wasn't a finance agreement and / or I wasn't defaulted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Michael
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