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  1. just another update still nothing from fredrickson is there any further action we need to take to mak sure this debt doesnt reappear
  2. Just a quick update sent letter to fredicksons have had a response account gone on hold lets see what happens next. thanks for all the help so far.
  3. Thankyou for that will be drafting letter immediately and will post response as soon as we get it do u advise recorded delivery to there P.O box number
  4. My partner has received a letter from the above company acting on behalf of Department for Work & Pensions. The debt from D/W/P is over 11 years old,she has no record of it, they say it is an over payment of some sort of benefit and they have only just started chasing her for repayment during the last 6 months. After repeated conversations with D/W/P she insisted that they took her to court to recover the outstanding amount . It appears they havent taken this course of action but instead passed it over to the above company for collection. After daily telephone conversations with this company we feel we are getting no where fast .What could fellow members advise us for the next course of action.
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