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  1. Yes, indeed this is the correct action to take - Thanks
  2. I know - for whatever reason this was totally overlooked but my understanding its not too late!
  3. I'm currently divorced but have recently noted from the divorce documentation that a Clean Break Consent Order is needed to ensure my financial future is protected from any claims my ex wife wants to submit. There are many online websites that can help, for a fee, but I want to do this myself if possible - is there any specific forms I need to complete or download since I cannot locate any on the internet. any help appreciated.
  4. Hi all. Under the terms of my contract I can return my vehicle to close after x amount of payments. I've already reached this milestone so wondered what the effects of voluntary terminating my agreement would have on my credit report. See I want to change my vehicle for something much more fuel efficient but part ex amount is ridiculously low the only option I appear to have is to return the vehicle. Any advise appreciated.
  5. Yep. I never thought I'm under any obligation to advise them what I'm doing with my life.
  6. No. I haven't told them. Should I have?
  7. Bit of an update - I was actually in the process of moving house when the letter from Moors#"t was received - obviously I replied with the SB letter but then moved - heard nothing further - presumably I do nothing?
  8. Perhaps - but there are examples right here in CAG!
  9. Hi Brig, No, this is an English CCJ, not Scottish. As far as further action is concerned ive read a few horror stories of ICO's being issued for very old CCJ's (older than 6 years) and a court awarding it since a CCJ is not time barred. I'm not entirely sure what the process is for anyone taking this back to court but am concerned that a small debt can suddenly grow into a huge one (in the example I read!).
  10. Sorry Brig, still not following you here. CCJ issued in 2005, nothing paid, infact never received any paperwork at the time, CCj came off credit file in 2011, never heard anything until now.
  11. Sorry Brig, not sure what you mean?
  12. CCJ came off credit file in 2011.
  13. Is this valid? See sec 24; http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1980/58 If a creditor tried to enforce it your defence would be section 24 of the limitations Act 1980.... (1) An action shall not be brought upon any judgment after the expiration of six years from the date on which the judgment became enforceable. (2) No arrears of interest in respect of any judgment debt shall be recovered after the expiration of six years from the date on which the interest became due.
  14. Thanks. How can I find out if this debt is the ccj one or not?
  15. Hi DX. Yes the CCJ disappeared in 2011.
  16. Hi all. Received a letter out of the blue today for an old debt that I believe I had a ccj on which expired in 2011. Thing is they don't demand any cash just say they contacting me for an outstanding balance for an old account and that I should contact them. I'll be clear, I'm not sure if I had a ccj on this debt or not as my CRF from 2009 doesn't state which company the ccj was for. For the record there is no trace of this debt on my credit files. Fishing letter and ignore?
  17. I can understand the tolls, they have to maintain the crossing and pay people plus reinvest into new projects. As a very frequent user given I work in Swanley and live in Norfolk, the removal of the booths is an absolute god send. So tired of paying to be stuck in a jam. I remember just before Christmas, driving from Caister to the M25/M11 junction took me 2 hours, from M25/M11 junction to getting over the bridge - 4 hours! Overall took me 7 hours and 45 minutes from Caister to the Channel tunnel - missed my train by half an hour.
  18. Thanks for your reply - of course this will never go down the eviction route. I just want to buy time so we can plan our house move properly without committing to 6 months.
  19. Ok, bit of an update landlord left a message last night saying they want to sign up a new 6 month contract.....I don't want this as I'm not sure when we'll be moving out......wondering what my rights are? Preferably I'd like a rolling 1 month contract......but if the landlord says no can he kick us out next week without any notice period at all?
  20. fair enough how could they find out and how could it come to light?
  21. also we have to go to the broker tomorrow to complete the application forms and provide all relevant docs.
  22. oh ok. Thanks. So to be clear how do the mortgage company vet you? Via credit checks presumably? Does an approval mean that an underwriter has already looked at you based on the info the broker supplied?
  23. Thanks for taking the time to respond. The reason I ask is that during my preliminary meeting with the broker he did ask if I had been repossessed or had any CCJs. I responded that I had had a ccj a long time ago, he asked if it was longer than 6 years to which I said yes, he replied saying that was fine. I didn't state that I had been repossessed as technically I hadn't been, and whilst browsing the net this afternoon I looked at a virgin mortgage application form which was asking those types of questions (although I'm applying for a Santander mortgage). Just anxious
  24. Hi all, ive managed to get an excellent credit rating after years of hell, debt ccjs, which have all now disappeared off my credit file (3 years ago). Myself and my partner are wanting to purchase a property and have recently been approved for a mortgage via a mortgage broker. However Im worried now that when we complete the application form this Friday i will be asked about historical credit problems. Do I have to declare these, including the voluntary repossession of my house in 2005? What would happen if I did? What would happen if I didn't? Thanks
  25. thanks for confirming - so the clause regarding 2 months notice isn't valid?
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