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  1. Its just the egg account im worried about, not the others ive paid the phone contract off now, i dont have any of the original letters as i uploaded them to a hard drive for safe keeping and destroyed the paper documents, stupid i know. Yes my photobucket account was hacked people went in it through facebook and were posting my personal details all over the net, thats why i closed off my PB account and kept them all on a seperate hard drive till that broke. all i am left with now is the credit agreement that was sent to me by egg, thats what im querying they said it was going to the collections department, which is what im worried about as ACTIVE KAPITAL who have the credit card bill from egg sent me a letter the other day wanting the full 1,680 or so pounds in full, do you think i should keep on fighting the credit agreement as it looks the same as some on the egg thread and they seem to be not worth the paper they written on apperntly, or offer them so much in the pound to settle the whole debt? i recon i could stretch the a quarter of the debt. I did mention 3 sets of debt on this thread, but its only the egg one now. if that helps, if someone could advise me as the egg thread ive looked at is so confusing. Cheers.
  2. Ok ive managed to find the credit agreement sent to me i presume by egg last year, is it worth offering AKTIV KAPITAL say 400 pounds instead of the 1690 i owe, or continue to fight the egg credit agreement?? i hope u guys can help i just seem to be going round and round and full of worry all the time, ive just had a letter from Aktiv kapital and its at their collections deptartment now, so i dunno where to turn. Hope someone can advise me. Cheers.
  3. And another thing is, i cannot get any of my letters from this thread as i had to make a new photobucket account as someone hacked into me old 1 and posted all my debt details in aol chat rooms, looks like im knackered, unless someone can help, i cannot send that letter as it says i enclose a copy of last letter sent to blah blah. Any ideas where i can go from here guys??
  4. The main concern is EGG but i have a loan from Alliance and leicester aswell in the earlier stages of the thread, but the one thats being chased is EGG i have no records at all i scanned all the letters and put them on hard drive and that failed and ive lost all records i didnt know to keep the reciepts i didnt think, EGG has basically passed on my balance i owed on a credit card from pillar to post and now its with AKTIVE KAPITAL and they say EGG have stated there is no dispute logged with themselves. im really frustrated and mad. I was in touch with national debt line years back they advised me to write and then pay token payments which i was doing untill i stumbled upon this site, where u guys advised me on writing some letters and getting my credit agreement sent which i did have on hard drive till it went belly up. I was under the understanding that the credit agreement i had which was the same as others in the the actual EGG thread it wasnt worth the paper it was written on, so have EGG purposely passed the buck to get out of the bad credit agreement i recieved??
  5. Anyone care to advise me on this matter please, ive asked numerous times , seems like im being ignored, i was told to bump if no one replies but it doesnt seem to be working, if it goes to their collections department they will demand the money and im getting a little worried now. It is getting me down i dont need all this stress ive been very poorly last 3 years i just dont know what to do anymore. Please Please Please help.
  6. Hellloooooooooooo Bump please.
  7. Bump!! Please help as its going to their collections dept soon and i aint a clue what to do. Ive been asking for a week or so now, no one can help??
  8. Anyone help before they send this to their collections dept? please? BUMP!! Thanks.
  9. http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j358/lufcwhites2010/img001.jpg Can someone help with this please, latest letter i have recieved about my egg account, these ppl claim to of sent me 2 letters since august 2010, ive never had any letter, they say they tried contacting EGG and no record of my original account?? I had all my letters etc on annother hard drive safe (well i thought anyway) and its crashed and burned i have no records now, so im at a loss what to do now, all my paper documents i put on there and disposed of so im not sure which way to turn can anyone adivse me on something please? Cheers.
  10. Okies cool, i'll do that thanks and if theres any futher developments i'll keep posted. If they havent taken payments for so long does is mean they cannot chase me for money anymore incidently?
  11. Okies thanks for clearing that up, as for the cheques not being cashed its about 10 months i think. im just stumped on the situation tbh
  12. Im not sure how i do that tbh All they have done is stopped cashing the token payments ive heard nothing since from phones 4u, Do i carry on sending cheques as it seems abit pointless if they arnt cashing them, just a tad worried bayliffs could turn up?? wasnt sure if to get in contact with them or not. Hopefully u guys can clear up the dilemma.
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