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  1. Noddybigears I have worked in the window industry for a number of years and we have had similar problems in the past. The door would not be expected to pass a properly carried out water test let alone being blasted with a hose pipe. It might we wise to look at the cwct website but for non members the only reference i could find was http://www.cwct.co.uk/publications/tns/short41.pdf We have always been allowed to tape across any opening joint as a modification to cope with testing doors or opening lights.
  2. Hi. I have read lots of threads and i am pretty sure i understand this correctly but could someone just answer these few queries? Last week i was wheel clamped by a private clamping company.. I stopped (admittedly in a clamping zone with signs everywhere) When i returned to my car after about 1 min (there was even someone in the car waiting) a guy had put a clamp on the car and was taking pictures. He demanded £100 to release it and if I didn't pay straight away he would call the tow truck and it would be £300. I reluctantly paid this by credit card and he removed the clamp. as he di
  3. i got a cable off ebay thats usb one end and has connections for both types of ide drive and sata the other end.. it was about £8 delivered used it loads of times to rescue stuff of peoples its basically plug and play and saves loads of time/money
  4. in answer to point 3. you may find this informative Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 if you would like a more easily understandable version then this site is pretty good Late Payment Penalties in the UK
  5. Congrats M8. If you do send the baliffs in give me a shout and i will go and film it they are only about 1/4 mile away from my office and it would be great to see the baliffs carrying things out of there office. lol
  6. Its a tricky one. they haven't mentioned this in their defense, so they may not even realize it exists. As for the penalties being a realistic pre-estimate of costs then no. i agree, they are not realistic, BUT it doesn't say anywhere in the act have to be. The £40, £70 & £100 charges are not maximums.. they are the charges you could be made to pay. Good Luck with the case.
  7. I am honestly surprised this has got as far as it has. Being a commercial contract, surely this would all be covered within the scope of the "The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002" Link --> The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 " Compensation arising out of late payment 5A. - (1) Once statutory interest begins to run in relation to a qualifying debt, the supplier shall be entitled to a fixed sum (in addition to the statutory interest on the debt). (2) That sum shall be - (a) for a debt less than £1,000, the sum of £40;
  8. Have you got a cooling off period, If you booked it online or over the phone you could well do.. If so just cancel it and start again.
  9. you paid for the road test twice, as they have not performed a road test at all and they only refunded the second one, i would think the £137 refered to is for the initial one (as part of the £274 charged)
  10. Naught Naughty.. Posting Refer ID's is nearly as bad as posting entirely in caps If anyone wants to take a look i would use this link Edited Please inform yourselves to site rules.
  11. I think you will find you didn't sign a 12 month contract, You would have signed a unlimited contract with a minimum term of 12 months. probably 30 days notice so you would have to cancel after 11 months. I suppose you could have sent them a letter in early april and just forgotten about it
  12. You better re-read that faq mate.. Its down to basic networking, you cannot have two identical mac addresses online on the same network without them conflicting (Hence when 1 of them boots it kicks the other off, which then reboots and kicks the other 1 off, About every 2 minutes), Thats why people swap mac addresses with people on different UBR's I would pretty well guarantee its not a local issue, As you probably know cloning is rife and the network is getting very overcrowded. It happens all the time
  13. just because the modem is built in to the set top box doesn't mean its not cloned onto a standalone modem. as for it being a local area fault its the standard excuse, they couldn't possibly tell you how unsecure the network is. I bet if you ask a few neighbours it isn't an area fault. it will stop when the person gets the clone sorted as it will be useless to them doing the same as yours is doing, If you had a standalone modem i bet they would have replaced it today and said the modem was faulty.
  14. Kevb0444, if the modem is working for about 2 mins then rebooting then i would imagine its been cloned. Its a hack that some people use to get free broadband, Basically they will program another modem with the same unique address (MAC) as yours, As NTL don't know the difference between the modems then they are both allowed online. Meaning anything illegal ie.. online fraud or dubious content that they might partake of using a modem cloned from yours will be traceable back to you. The modem will probably start working again soon when the person realises he has cloned off somebody too
  15. you can send an email to optout@royalmail.com and they should opt you out. here is a copy of mine, Feel free to correct the spelling/grammar and use it yourselves if needed Dear Royal Mail I would very much like to opt out of receiving unaddressed mail from yourselves. Here is my address. * ******* ***** ********* ********** *** *** If I continue to receive unwanted advertising/unaddressed mail from yourselves I will assume it to to be a genuine mistake, I will therefore return it to you via your Freepost address below. Royal Mail Customer Services
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