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  1. (this doesnt exactly fit in this section but i cant find a relevant section) Hi all, i am in the process of sending off for my SIA door supervisor licence, i have filled it all in but there is a section about previous names (this is where it gets confusing) in 2003 i changed my name by deedpole as a bet (it was a stupid name) i was only at college and didnt register it with them, the only people that knew my new name was my part time employer and my bank, i had no direct debits etc as i was only 18 and living at home. Should i include this on the application? as there may be no record of this previous name if they search for it as i couldnt drive and didnt update my passport etc so didnt have a drivers licence with the name on, as soon as i started applying for full time jobs i reverted back to my birth name. Im just worried it may delay the application if i include it or even flag it and make them refuse my application. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I purchased a Haier washing machine from argos in June, it has never been much good, (clothes dripping wet after a wash etc) anyway iv had three engineers out to the washing machine so far, every time a new motor has been fitted, now it has just broke again and according to the error code it is overheating, iv rang the Telephone number on the Haier manual and an engineer isn’t available for 7 days. I was really angry and annoyed as we have already been using a laundrette service costing £8 per wash last time the machine broke so I asked for a contact number for the complaints department to which the telephone operator told me she doesn’t work for haier she is just a independent repair company, I kept trying to get deeper into this as the number I rang was off the haier manual but she said she doesn’t know any way to contact haier direct, I’ve looked online but I can find is a Chinese zip code. Can anyone please help me contact them I’ve had this machine 3 months and in that time it’s done about 5 washes and cost me loads in laundrette bills. The only thing the telephone operator suggested was contact Argos but I can’t just walk in and say I bought a washing machine and its crap they will just tell me to contact Haier and will be stuck in the loop again!!!
  3. themusic

    Car Tax???

    Hi my grandad left me his car when he passed away two years ago, its been reigistered off road, and so has no tax etc, anyway i got it mot'd yesterday and it passed fine, and today i got it insured over the phone i have my policy number, im just not sure how to get it taxed this afternoon, i only passed my test last month, i know i need to do it at the post office but what doc's do i need to take? Thanks, i looked on the dvla site but it was all about renewing them with a form but i have no form etc
  4. So how did you notice it? was it on your credit file? thats terrible, not being able to get a mortgage due to no fault of your own. Have you finally got a mortgage or are you still struggling?
  5. alwayscheckurcreditrecord How much was the default for and was it satisfied? bennyowen The mortgage isnt with the halifax? and i know they preform more checks thats why i asked the question in the first place
  6. Hi Me and my partner have found a new build we have fallen in love with after getting a mortgage promise from halifax, we then waited due to the property builder saying "speak to our advisor its free" so we thought what do we have to loose! then the mortgage advisor finds us a deal with nationwide (i didnt want him to go forward with them as i was refused a job due to a credit check as i had just settled a default) so obviously i failed there credit check again, so we thought nevermind we will go back to halifax who had already done a credit check and said there fine to do a full application, anyway they now take away there offer as you need 20% deposit on new builds and we only had 16%, so our advisor starts looking again and finds RBS we meet all there criteria and he rings them and notifys them of our clear history apart from the satisfied default and they say its worth a try, so we go ahead with our pay etc and pass there credit check and they have issued us a mortgage promise and a date to fill in the full application and told us to have a debit card ready for valuation fees, My question is what are the chances of this being refused? We have been totally honest about our jobs,pay, etc the only negative thing we have is the default for £1000 that was paid in 2008. And what is the process after we fill in the application? do they do any more credit checks or is it simply proving we are who we say we are and we work where we say we work? Thanks (sorry for the long post)
  7. iv actually just checked it again So when will this end 6 years from which date? the default date or the start date?
  8. Hi i have a satisfied default on my creditfile it was marked as july 2004, when i paid it off it was aug 2008, when will this drop off my file? july 2010 or aug 2014? Im only asking because im having trouble getting a mortgage with my partner we have no other debts and a 24k deposit but this default is getting in the way. Is there any way i can ring "metropolitan collection services" and ask them to take it off? or offer them some money to take it off?
  9. im not sure to be honest 2004 time, it was satisfied after i checked my creditfile in aug of last year and saw it was on there. It was for £1024, since the debt i have had an application for a creditcard with a £3500 limit approved (i got this just to increase my credit rating) the balance for this is paid in full every month, other than that all my direct debits and standing orders have always been paid and i have never missed a payment on anything.
  10. The lady at the halifax said we can only have fixed rate due to us being first time buyers and she said that almost every high street bank will be the same, the only thing that was worrying me was a defaulted debt on my creditfile (it was paid and marked as satisfied as soon as i checked my file and saw it) all the rest of mine and my partners creditfiles are clear and up to date. And were both on the electoral roll. the rate halifax offered was 6.8 which i think it pretty high with the current state of the market.
  11. We have agreed a price of 158k on the house, the seller is also paying 5% of our deposit which takes the price down to around 150k, we have a 17k deposit saved up so we need to borrow around 133k. We got our mortgage in principle off the halifax, i am slightly reluctant to check other mortgage providers for a mortgage due to the fact that they did a credit check when we applied for the mortgage in principle and i dont want loads of footprints all over my credit file because it may look like im desperate to obtain credit.
  12. Sorry i have been a bit vauge I want to know what happens after the mortgage in principle. E.g what checks are made,what i have to provide, the mortgage advisor said that they would just need 3 pay slips from each of us and they make a valuation of the house we are wanting, this to me seems to straight forward and simple for such a large amount of money.
  13. Thankyou everyone, it was more on the actually getting the mortgage i was wondering about, we have been to the halifax and are happy with the rate and want to take things further to get the actual mortgage.
  14. Hi i had a meeting with my girlfriend and the mortgage advisor today who checked our details etc and after doing a credit check gave us a mortgage in principle, my question is when i find the right house whats next from the bank? I know they send someone out to value the house but thats all i know, iv googled this but all it comes up with is "get a mortgage today", "mortgage in principle guranteed!!" What else do they require from us to provide?
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