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  1. Afternoon All, Have had a letter back after the last 'appeal', from the parking company appeals department. They have written the following... '...you are the keeper of the vehicle in question therefore it is yourselves who must pay the charge. The responsibility remains with yourselves to keep records of who may have driven this vehicle on the contravention date, as stated on your penalty charge notice the liability of the vehicle lies with the owner/keeper.' It continues... '(the), appeal has been denied because the parking bays are within a controlled zone where stoppi
  2. Thanks Barnsley boy, had a chat at work today, decided to go down the, " you obviously have obtained our details from the DVLA. We are the keeper, take it up with the driver, but we do not keep records", route... Wait and see I guess?
  3. Thanks Barnsley Boy, having read the forum you recommended, I have no intention of paying them as it does seem like a big [problem]. However, I feel as if I am in a sticky situation as the possibility of further letters will go to my work place as the registered owner/keeper. I do not want them to think thay have employed an irresponsible person of some sort?!? Would I not be better sending a letter before the initial 14 days are up denying any responsibility?!? Apologies in advance if this reply seems wishy washy, but my boss who handed me the Parking notice made it clear it ne
  4. Thanks Rob S. I have had a read around the site and am planning my response in writing, however, from reading the site, it has prompted a few questions... 1. The Notice was sent to my employer as the "Owner/Keeper", my employer has passed it to me to deal with as I was driving the vehicle on these 2 occasions. Should I write as the Owner/Keeper, or as myself as the driver on these 2 occasions? 2. It was in a Railway/Underground car park, from what I have read, that could make a difference, no? 3. Finally, the PCN states, "you were the registered owner/keeper of motor vehicle..
  5. Hi all, just a quick thank you for your help last year, since I sent the above mentioned doorstep and statute barred letters in November, I have heard nothing, hopefully it has all gone away. Many Thanks once again, NVH
  6. Good evening all, Not 1 but 2 Parking Charge Notices arrived at work today from a company called Park Direct Ltd. for the car which I generally drive. They have been passed to me as most people know this although the registered owner/keeper is the business. It is annoying that both of these notices are from the beginning of December but were only issued within the last few days as I cannot be sure I have not been there again since... Oh well, wait and see. Anyway, my real issue is that the notice has been issued for the following alleged contravention: "Stopping or waiting on
  7. Morning Curlyben and ODC, Doorstep Letter and Statute Barred letter it is then... Thanks again. NVH
  8. Good Morning all, Following on from all the above, it seems Lowells are not in the mood to go lightly. I have just received the following: Header as before... Followed by, "In previous letters sent to you it was made clear that unless an acceptable offer of repayment was made, we would take appropriate steps to recover the amount owing. As you have failed to contact us we have now been instructed to appoint an agent in your area to visit your home to discuss repayment of your account, unless you make contact with us within the next 48 hours our agent will contact you
  9. Thanks again guys! I will sit tight and see what comes next...
  10. Hi All, (Red, ODC, Ben) and anybody else out there who isinterested... I sent the letter at the top of the thread to Mackenzie hall, and so far I haven't heard anything from them, however, I have had another letter from Lowells, this time calling themselves Lowell Financial... Nothing particularly new about the letter apart from it containing an address, (which they refer to as the Original Address), it is an address which I lived at during 1998-99, along with 5 other people. As this letter doesn't add anything, (other than the address details), to those letters which I have had
  11. Thanks ODC, I am going to send Mackenzie the letter at the top of my thread this morning... Thanks again all, will let you know how I get on. NVH
  12. Hi again CurlyBen & Red, Sorry I think I may have confused the issue? I have already sent the letter at the beginning of my thread to Red Debt Collection. Should I now send it to Mackenzie hall too? I assumed the letters I have received from Lowells and Mackenzie hall were because of this letter I have sent to Red Debt as they are all connected. Thanks again...
  13. Thanks Curly Ben So just sit tight? Inspite of the 2 letters I have just received? I have just had a thought? Could it be somebody who has used me to take out a card or Bank Account? I have never banked with HSBC... NVH
  14. Thanks again Red, I haven't checked my credit record for 3 years or more!?! I know the debt is allegedly to HSBC, and they have given me a reference, so how do I find out what it is for? I have sent the letter at the top of this thread, but that hasn't seemingly done the job,so what next? NVH
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