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  1. Hi Phill123 Well the silly billies that we are we have been struggling to pay off with an arrangement for the last few years until we found this site! Not anymore, so our clock only started ticking on 01 October 2007 with our request for the CCA. Thanks for all the advice guys. xx
  2. I CCA'd BoS on 01/10/07 I sent 12+2+30 day letter of default by Recorded Delivery 19 November. Their reply is attached together with what is an application form sent a couple of days later - although an illegible copy. Can they now pursue me for this money. I cannot read the form but blowing it up to A3 it definately says "application form" although later it does refer to the CCA 1974. I cannot read any of the rest of the content of the form. Also are they correct in their letter that a credit card application contains a copy of the terms, conditions and rights, making the document a full credit agreement. I want to reply to their letter and would like a legible copy of the application form. Can anyone give me some assistance please as I am a newcomer to all this. Thank you very much in advance. Bank of scotland.pdf
  3. Hi diskmandave Thanks for the info. What really galls me is I ahve been paying Moorcroft for a couple of years on this debt. Servs me right for being naive! My blood is boiling for being so stupid.
  4. Hi Guys First post here! Been chased and paying Moorcroft for an outstanding Egg car. As thinking /started IVA process i wrote to all my creditors with £1 asking for copy of original credit agreement. Moorcroft cashed my £1 cheque and have written saying that they are no longer dealing. When I rang them they said that they have passed back to Egg. What do I do now - they have cashed my cheque and not provided a copy of my CCA/ Do I send a letter and £1 to Egg? What happens to all the money I have been paying Moorcroft? Any help gratefully received.
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