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  1. Thanks bazooka, I will write to accept unlawfull rescission. I have been saving to pay the arrears and will have enough to cover it by the end of the month so i will pay it, and see what happens next.
  2. Hi bazooka, yes the account has been terminated but i did not write back to accept . I cant go down the cca route as its a good one. As i am on a low wage and have to look after my ageing mother i could only afford a small amount a month. I think the dn is the only route for me. thanks
  3. Keep a close eye on freds, they share the office with brian carter and we all know what he is like.
  4. Hi all after some time has passed my debt has been passed to brian carter on behalf of fredricksons, Recieved a letter stating court proceedings will be started unless i pay the full amount by 14 days. I cant afford to pay the full amount, the most i could pay would be about 20 pound a month. Would it be worth contacting carter and offering this? The cca is a good one from 2007 but the dn maybe defective i think, a copy is at the top of this thread. Any advice please Hey scrapper welcome to my thread lol
  5. Dont let cabot get you down they have been my pen friends for nearly 3 years now. They failed to provide a cca and now the account is statute barred but they still write to me, i would miss it if they stopped:D
  6. Ok thanks i will sit on it untill their next move
  7. Ok all thanks very much for your replys. so its invalid because no specific date. And the account has been terminated so they can only ask for the arrears at time of default ,yes?
  8. Does it matter that it does not show a specific date, only says 17 days after the 24 th
  9. Little bump, i think it may end up in court
  10. Thanks for the heads up toofie I think i might have an invalid dn and they have terminated the account. Just not sure about the specifying of the date.
  11. Hi all, i have recieved a default notice from tescos regarding a credit card account. The notice says i have 17 days to remedy the arrears from the date of this letter which was sent second class, does the dn have to specify a date to remedy the acount. For example does it have to say ' TO REMEDY THE ACCOUNT YOU MUST PAY BY THE 9TH OF AUGUST' thanks shredder
  12. Agree with 42 man on this sar them both, you need a proper breakdown of how they arrive at the debt they say you owe.
  13. Moorcroft and clarity your hoping, I dont even think bos know what they were doing with this sort of account.
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