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  1. i have been told by the local garage techy that i need a cam sensor changed. fingers crossed.
  2. I have decided to pop into a local garage tomorrow , not nissan. The service for the car is due now. I hope the chain is not needed to be replaced. But it has like 33k plus miles on the clock so who knows? And this is the only major issue the car has given me since having it for more than a year, I bought it second hand also. yes it is a petrol, so a chain!! oh and guess what, my dipstick unit just came off... talk about shoddy manufacturing.
  3. Hi Guys. I have a 53 plate micra. I took it to the dealership because the car had the engine management warning light on. However I noticed prior to this the car when I start it from cold started to judder until the engine was warm. I thought this caused the engine management issue and did not inform nissan. However , i was later told that the technician believes the juddering to be a cause of the timing belt being stretched, though he wanted this to be confirmed by the supervisor technician. I had decided when I heard this that I would inform nissan if i should book an appointment. I am just a student, but have been told by these guys it would cost roughly 1900 quid. I do not have any warranty as it expired in january. What should I do. The car drives fine , other than the minor juddering when it is cold. I cannot hear anything strange, the car sounds normal. Any advise would be appreciated, how much do you think it should cost if it is the timing belt?
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