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  1. If he has the v5c (logbook), then he can tax it using that, and therefore does not require the reminder notice.
  2. They carried out the tests in order to find the fault! Can't see what the problem is personally.
  3. I don't see that you have any recourse from the selling garage, due to the fact that you have had the vehicle for almost 12 months!
  4. Your "friend" got exactly what they deserved. Those who drive uninsured vehicles ought to have the vehicle sold and proceeds given to victims of crime and fined a minimum of £1000.
  5. Also in the cases quoted by GTM above, these were I beleive proved to be dealers selling multiple vehicles and not individuals selling there own personal car.
  6. At the most you ought to have received a PCN with contravention code 18 (as gtm quoted above). I honestly can't see that they would remove it without placing a 24 hour notice of intention to remove an abandoned vehicle, which in this case it most certainly doesn't sound as though it was abandoned. As for trading check out Onasanya v London Borough of Newham.
  7. Not sure why your insurance company would be assisting you with this, as nothing to do with them. However did you purchase this through a finance agreement? Is so then they are jointly and severely liable.
  8. Without wishing to stand up for whoever gave those tickets, how were they meant to know which vehicle was the first to park over the lines causing the others to have to do the same? Would be interested in knowing which station you got your ticket from.
  9. Spinner4, this ought to be in the parking forum. Will ask that it be moved, as you will get more response there.
  10. It has already been brought to the public's attention, it was splashed all over the national newspapers months ago. As usual good old auntie beeb is late with the news.
  11. Just because they have agreed to refund the charges imposed on you for you breaking your agreement with them, does not mean that they can or have to alter the factually correct information they gave the CRA's. In fact if they were to alter the information, then techically they would be committing fraud, because the original information was correct and still stands.
  12. Failing to display is a criminal offence and has nothing to do with DVLA. It is not the same as having an untaxed vehicle.
  13. Bookworm, please step down off your high horse, no one who has posted on this appears to have an agenda as you like to call it. All I am saying is that the OP didn't bother to look at the parking sign showing the suspension of the bay, hence they received a PCN. Just because someone regularly parks in the same place frequently, does not take away there obligation to check signage etc. At the end of the day if motorists wish to avoid PCN's, then they need to check each and everytime they park and not take it for granted that it will be ok.
  14. It is highly possible that the person who hired you had no idea that the company was in a bad way financially, therefore don't look to blame them. Many companies go into administration and other than the directors no other employees are usually aware of the situation until the announcement is made. How did you leave your previous employer? If on good terms and they have not filled your position, then is it possible that you could approach them and say you have made a big mistake and would it be posssible to come back. You would be surprised how often this happens.
  15. The signage did give sufficient warning, you were just to complacent to bother checking the sign, hence you received a PCN. Stop whinging about it and just pay up and in future if you read the signs for where you park and follow the information given then you shouldn't receive any further FPN's. And for your information, I am both a car driver and motorcyclist, and yes I check signage each and everytime I park, hence no PCN's. It isn't rocket science, just plain old common sense.
  16. No you got a PCN for parking in a suspended bay. As for just giving warnings on the first day, that is ridiculous as bays are often suspended for just one day. According to Westminster Council, there are over 600 bays with parking for 6100 motorcycles. In my opinion you are still getting an extremely good deal by being able to park all day for 62.5p if you purchase an annual permit (going on your 5 days x 48 weeks). At the end of the day it is the motorists responsibilty as to where they park and that means checking the signs each and everytime.
  17. By the sound of your post it appears that you think you own that space and will no doubt complain if it is full and you can't park there. You pay for a parking permit, not for a specific bay. Therefore are they going to inform everyone each and everytime a bay is suspended? I don't think so. And in response to should you make a point of checking each time you park, then the answer is quite simply YES, it isn't rocket science and takes seconds.
  18. Whatever you decide upon you are going to lose out. Best bet is to ask the dealer to buy it back and see what they offer, but unless you put down a large deposit I would be surprised if you get enough to pay off the HP agreememnt.
  19. As above, you would have been ok had you just unloaded, however to park in the loading bay whilst you went about your trade is just taking the proverbial.
  20. Why bother disputing what she has said above? I would play on that statement big time, she has admitted she didn't see you and that the reason for this was that the sun was in her eyes, therefore she ought to have taken much more care than she obviously did.
  21. The MOT does not cover the engine, only the road worthiness of the vehicle at the time of testing.
  22. Apologies, was thinking you had booked for next year. I doubt very much that you will be offered any refund and will more than likely lose the full cost of the holiday.
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