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  1. Hi, I have just had £1,121.64 put into my account from H - Off Finance. I had previously settled my Loan protection Insurance after contacting them and saying I was mis-sold my loan protection. they made a goodwill gesture of a measly £147.91 and said that was all they could do, I took it. Upon recieving this large amount into my account I called Lloyds to ask them where it had come from they didn't know initailly and then after investigation found it. They have said it had been paid in error and want £900.00 back via cheque. I couldn't believe that this was so as it wasn't even a figure anything like they had settled with. The girl couldn't say where the figure had come from, all she knew was that I wasn't owed it! Does anyone know if I have any rights and can keep this money? Many thanks
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