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  1. Just as a thought, since RBS and Lloyds Banking Group are primarily owned by the government, can we not petition the PM to act to stop these 2 from pursuing this using what is actually taxpayers money? (or are RBS using Freddies pension fund?)
  2. I'm going to take it to the PC doctor I think. Car passed it's mot so that's a bonus. Thanks for trying to help
  3. The disk says Fujitsu Siemens product recovery cd-rom Windows XP home edition-SP2 There is a code on it FSP:RCDWXPHUK008 520 000865 CRC:AC74D17E Answer to the secnd question is - very important
  4. It still isn't working. It's a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo-T with XP if that helps anyone. The wifes car has gone for it's MOT today so I don't really want to be paying someone to fix my computer as well!
  5. it won't start in safe mode. I have the recovery disc. what next. (PS for hilary - I'm on the lappy that santa bought me)
  6. I had a power cut yesterday and when I tried to switch my pc back on it offered me all sorts of options to start it - last known good configuration, safe mode, safe mode with networking and start windows normally. Problem is it doesn't do any of them it just keeps trying to restart and going back to the same screen. Any ideas cos this little notebook is doing my head in!
  7. Snowing very hard in Notts. Didn't do the 20 miles to work cos the roads are crap and I didn't want to get there to be told to go home. It seems that Mansfield DC have run out of salt so that's the roads knackered till it thaws then!
  8. And of course the All Blacks look dead hard sticking their tongues out like a bunch of 2 year olds;)
  9. I have been advised by my GP not to go waving my hanky about in public places for at least another week so the world is safe from me and my morris dancing until I recover from the man flu
  10. I take it everyone is ignoring the "newsworthy" story of the woman who couldn't afford to buy Christmas presents for her kids so blew her last fiver (a likely story!) on a scratchcard and won a million quid. Reporting that in every newspaper will only encourage people with little money to go and spend their last few quid on the lottery. That said, at the end of the day it's down to the individual what they do with their money. Advertising is advertising, makes no difference whether its for bingo or Fairy Liquid.If you are susceptible to advertising you will fall for it!
  11. From the OP, there was no attempt to reduce the stats or access other than within a publicised and common trading policy. There was no attempt to deny him his statutory rights
  12. I wouldn't often say this but thats b****cks BW The traders that chose to open on Boxing Day did so within the law as defined in the Sunday Trading Act 1994, which also applies to Statutory Public Holidays. If the stores had chosen to put staff before profit we wouldn't have opened in the first place but the fact that we did tells a story. Bottom line is, we don't have to do anything unless it is required by law, no matter how many people whinge
  13. OK - you come and stand in a queue for over an hour while I get run ragged trying to sort out every whinger in town. By the time you get to the front, you're stressed, I'm stressed and everyone within about a 3 mile radius is stressed. Not good for customer relations. Tesco did advertise the policy, as did every other major retailer in the country. The idea is to stagger the influx of returns to a manageable level. As has been pointed out, it's over now so move on!
  14. They haven't. They didn't refuse a refund, they offered one at a different time. Not illegal at all as long as it was within a reasonable time. If the had said "come back at Easter" that would have been different.
  15. Tesco only opened the "Extra" stores on Boxing Day, the smaller stores were closed until Saturday. IMO, they have not denied you any of your statutory rights, they have simply told you that they cannot deal with it at the time you requested. They didn't have to open in the first place and if they hadn't you would have had to wait anyway. Personally, I would climb off my high horse. You have no alternative but to take the item back to Tesco and you will get your replacement/refund. Sending letters that they won't understand or even bother to read is pointless. As a side issue, it
  16. Fedup's is really funny but sadly true of some women. When I was in hospital after a life threatening accident oneof my previous wives didn't go shopping, she went to Majorca for 2 weeks. The divorce took about 6 weeks after she came back!!
  17. Mrs P got me a new wireless laptop. I got her a hairdryer There is an imbalance in the force I think:D
  18. Well for all her sympathy, she aint put the turkey on my table - my hard work did!!!!!
  19. Extracts from the Queens speech show how sory she is that some people will be "suffering a more sombre Christmas than usual". Thanks for your concern your (billionairre) majesty. Don't give up on the taxpayer funding your lifestyle for you anytime soon will you
  20. I had a wee in Nottingham yesterday and got away with it. I was on a supermarket loading bay at the time and got caught short. If you happen to have bought a turkey from Tesco in Nottingham - wash it before you eat it;)
  21. Got it up and running in 3D for my little boy. Santa is in Japan at the moment. Only problem is - 3D Google earth is slowing my PC down big time!
  22. I had a very significant victory in court last week and I couldn't have done it without CAG and it's members. Alleged debt written off and defaults removed by court order. This site gave me the knowledge and the courage to go into court with the bank and win. From the Peasant family to all A very happy Christmas and happy bank hunting in 2009
  23. My little boy would love one of those. Do you think it would hang from his bedroom ceiling from a bit of fishing line?
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