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  1. What an excellent thread. Been reading it for the last hour or so. A lot more is clearer now though. I have just printed off my prelim letter, and its going in the post 1st class recorded tomorrow. If they reply with a figure thats not 100%, what letter do you send to basically say "thats not good enough, i want it all back. so im sending you this LBA"?
  2. also, will "bankfodders" letter be ok to send? or are there a few around? and what happens if they offer a settlement figure thats not 100%? what letter do you send then? Cheers people! Mike
  3. excellent reply mate. Your a STAR! thats help me loads. Do i have to claim back for the interest? as i might not bother because i cant be arsed to go back to 6 years of statements for a extra £100 or so. what do you think?
  4. also, do i have to send a schedule of charges on the first claim letter? or wait till the LBA?
  5. yes, i have a overdraft facility. So i cant claim back those small interest charges. Sorry for all the questions, im just confused on what all the interest charges are for! lol. Your help is very much appreciated though. Mike
  6. actually, i have charges on my account saying "interest" then a small amount like 1.26. Can i just total all these charges up instead of having to work out interest rates? Cheers!
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, right. Thank you sooo much. Makes much more sense now. So, basically, ive got to find out the daily interest rate on my HSBC overdraft?
  8. ok, i see. sort of, lol. So basically, my next letter is just to send off the request for the bank charges alone, giving them 14 days to reply? So when do i need to add the 8% on? and at what stage? have i got the order of things right? as i wanted to send the letter off tomorrow. Cheers for all your help!
  9. everything, lol. Mostly about the 8% interest, when to charge it, and how, etc. Cheers for your reply.
  10. just reading all these HSBC threads is confusing me! DOH! lol
  11. Hiya everyone! Right, i am VERY confused by all of this, lol. Ive been reading various threads for a while now, and the more i read the more i get confused. (god im so stupid!) Could someone please confirm that im doing this the right way??? 1. i sent off a letter for my statements and data protection act (what is this BTW?) 2. got my statements, and worked out all my charges for six years. 3. i am just about to send my first letter about claiming back my charges (i understand you dont add any interest yet) and i have to include a breakdown of charges? is this correct? Giving them 14 days from when i posted this letter. 4.if no reply, fob off letter or offer under 100%, then send LBA letter saying im going to court about it in another 14days. This part you include the 8% interest i believe? 5.give them another 14 days, then file the claim with moneyclaimonline? Any help would be much appreciated, im just very confused with it all. Thanks! Mike.
  12. i give up. where have a asked for one-to-one attention? im asking a question on a forum. I will look in FAQ's in a minute. i just thought it would be easier to ask a question. Im not an arrogant person, but i cant BELIEVE the attitude of some people on these forums....
  13. I suggest that you ask a few questions about the public or otherwise nature of this forum. Secondly we are very stretched trying to support and inform those users who are prepared to put in some reading of the forum material before posting their questions. If you can't do that then you can try and find yourself another forum - or ask your bank for advice - or pay for a lawyer. hello. So are you saying this is NOT a public forum? im asking the advice, and getting sarcy comments as a minority do on most public forums (usually admin i have to say). Im a member of quite a few, and its always the same. Im just asking a simple question, which you DIDNT have to reply to if you didnt like it, and someone else could have come back with a decent answer, as i would.
  14. So why do you ask it again? Because this is a public forum, and im asking a public question. NOT just to you. So if you havent got a good answer, why reply?
  15. Hiya people! just signed up as a friend of mien told me about you. I bet this question has been answered a 1000000 times before, but could you just clear this up for me..... For the past couple of months, i have gone over my overdraft fee a couple of times, and have been charged £125 last month, and £100 this month. NOW, is there anything i can do? and how do i go about it as i think they are taking the pee TBH. Hope someone can help Mike.
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