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  1. yeah i know that bit, cos i nearly claimed for the 8% myself! oops. What i mean is, when you add the 8% at MCOL stage, is it just the total charges plus 8%?
  2. lol. got an email of what you asked, then came on here, and was confused to why there was no txt!
  3. boXXer


    did you send it recorded? if so, just check on royal mail's website.
  4. boXXer

    Eades Vs HSBC

    good luck mate. I think if you want to claim over 6 years, you have to do a seperate claim of the money. not too sur ethough.
  5. woohoo! lucky you! i used that 8% spread sheet, but ive been reading some people are claiming 8% up until they filed the MCOL. Is that correct? i was just gunna claim for the 8% up until the last charge. i.e, if my charges total £2093, i can claim £2400.59 that includes the 8%? Cheers Mike
  6. good luck matey. There are loads of good people on this board, so just hold out.
  7. boXXer

    what now?

    good luck! im keeping the £120 aside for when it comes to that stage. i wanna get it all done ASAP, lol Mike
  8. yey! nice one. Really makes me want to get mine back now. How long did it take in total? Mike
  9. un1boy is the master! lol. Good luck mate. I sent my LBA off today. So gotta wait for some crap from HSBC now, then in 14 days, MCOL will be filed! yey! (think this is right, lol) Mike
  10. seems ok to me. Can i just ask though, how do you calculate the 8% interest when filing the MCOL? Mike
  11. Good luck mate. Sent off my LBA today, to both the canada square address, and the lower street address, just in case. Mike
  12. Yeah i dunno. Seems weird to me too. Ive never had a courtesy call from them before, so why now. I didnt want to gein into a conversation with them about it, so i put the phone down, lol. They do my head in! Looks like you'll be getting your money soon from your sig. How long you got to wait now? Cheers Mike
  13. oh yeah, forgot to say. Got a "courtesy"call from HSBC today, asking if everything was ok. Is this normal? i just said it was inconvinient (sp) for me at the moment. Cheers! Mike
  14. Hello! today i sent off my LBA to the head office in london, so we will see how it goes. Wish me luck people! From this stage, roughly how long does it take to get your money back? Thanks, Mike
  15. hiya mate. Thanks for the advice. Will get it sent off, then see what happens. Thanks again. Mike
  16. can someone help please? just been reading about the MCOL stage of proceedings, and im confused on all the timescales they have. do they have 14 days to acknowledge the MCOL claim, then 28 days to defend from this date? anyone with any answers? Thanks.
  17. ive been sending my letters to the london head office special delivery. im sure they have the ability to pass it onto the relevant person in the building, so im not fussed it they dont reply to my letters. GOOD LUCK!
  18. good luck mate. Im sending my LBA on the 18th, so im 2 days behind you. Let us know how ya get on!
  19. right, 14 days are up soon!! Will be sending the LBA on wednesday, along with the schedule of charges again. wish me luck! I cant seem to find any templates for the MCOL stage. Are there any on here? Thanks! Mike
  20. HELLO! just to make sure...... I claimed for all charges over the last 6 years, is this correct? as i just thought "was i supposed to claim for charges over the £12 mark?" Also, now i have sent off the letter, i think HSBC have been trying to call my mobile CONSTANTLY for some reason. Is this normal? Cheers for any help! Mike
  21. I sent mine to the head office in london. Address is: HSBC 10 Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6AE HTH
  22. Right, sent off the prelim letter yesterday first class recorded, giving them 14 days, so on the 18/10/06 im gunna be sending my LBA. So now im BRICKING it big time, lol. Will be fine though i hope! cheers for everyones help so far!
  23. Good luck mate. Just read your whole thread. I just sent off my Prelim letter yesterday, so we will see what happens!
  24. Hiya. Cheers for that. Great help! i will look for the letter if it comes down to that.
  25. Hiya. Yes, i have read both very thoroughly, but i just wanna do it properly. as, like you (i read your first thread about claiming from HSBC), i have to start somewhere and need advice. I started my own thread earlier, so here's the link...... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/35198-boxxer-hsbc.html
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