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  1. BTW, does my 8% interest look ok to you, this isnt all of it though....
  2. Hiya. Thanks so much for your reply! scales pressed! your a star.
  3. Helooooooooooooo peeps! they Acknowledged my claim on the 14th of November, and today i got a letter from DG solicitors asking for a breakdown of charges. So do i just sent a letter back, with a copy of the charges? if so, does anyone have a template for it, as im RUBBISH at writing letters, lol. I understand that i have to add the lines of "i will only accept this payment in cheque, made payable to myself". Is this correct? Cheers for any info! Mike
  4. Right, filed my MCOL last night!!! SCARED! so what do i do now? sit back and wait? Cheers!
  5. Hello mate. I filed my MCOL last night, so we are at the same stage! let me know how it goes. GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. as long as im not the only one! lol
  7. is it strange that ive heard NOTHING at all from HSBC? some people do, some people dont. :S
  8. wicked! cheers pal. then do i just wait for it to all happen? i dont have to do anything further do i?
  9. hello! just a quick question. Will it be ok to start MCOL a week late as ive run out of money! DOH!!!!
  10. lol, same as then! thanks very much for your reply.
  11. hiya! thanks for your reply. Ive done those bits already, i just wanted to make sure i had worked out the 8% correctly. Im claiming for £2083, and the 8% is £324. Does that seem right to you? dates are from 05/09/2000 to 31/08/2006 Thanks again! Mike
  12. boXXer

    Kirsty v HSBC

    PMSL! what a quality reply. So is it true then? oh yeah, and good luck with your claim.
  13. i have just been addressing mine to HSBC @ canada square. Im sure they are big enough to be able to pass the letter onto the relevant person in the building.
  14. Phoenix: could you possibly give me a hand in my thread please. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/35198-boxxer-hsbc.html#post276385
  15. Hiya mate. Thankyou so much for your reply. Im just pretty confused on the 8% part. can you explain how its done? i basically did a calculation from the spreadsheet of the first date of charge, to the last date with this formulae= =(C9*0.00022)*E9 so, so i just add up all these charges, and add them to the claim. (mine being £324 on top) i can email you a copy to have a look if you like? Thanks!
  16. could someone PLEEEEEEASE help me as i wanna get the MCOL sorted in the morning. Sorry to be a pain.
  17. Just had a look at the spreadsheet, and all i wanna do is add the 8% by the courts, not by overdraft charges. SO, do i just get the total (which is £2083) and add 8%? or do i need to work it out another way? Cheers Mike
  18. Hiya. I just wondred if you could help me by posting up the txt you used to file your MCOL. And how did you work out the 8% charges. Thanks, mike
  19. RIGHT! 14 days are up as of end of today, SO can someone help me write the MCOL text, and show me how to add up the interest. (un1boy!) Cheers Mike
  20. lol @ hi-jacking my thread. Its all good! any info is good IMO. Will add you to my msn today Kaz.
  21. hello mate. Thread is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/35198-boxxer-hsbc.html im on LBA stage now.
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