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  1. Hiya. Sounds good to me! thanks for the info.
  2. hello mate. How long was it roughly from when you sent your breakdown of charges, to when you recieved a offer letter? Cheers
  3. COOOOOL! what is everyone saying to DG's when they phone up? i just asked if my charges had been recieved, and she said she would check and call me back.
  4. just checked on royal mail and it was signed for, but im gunna phone them anyway,
  5. had no call back from them today after rachel said she would look for my list of charges, so will phone them back monday i think.
  6. WOW! lucky you! i really they hope they send me a offer. Ive phoned them upi and spoken to rachel, and she said she will check to see if they have recieved my schedule of charges.
  7. boXXer

    Eades Vs HSBC

    basically when you file an MCOL, they do the rest. You should send off a copy of your charges to MCOL (including interest i think). Then you will recieve a letter from DG once they have filed a defence against you (upto 28 days)asking for a copy of your charges (minus the interest). You will then recieve a Allocation Questionaire which you have to fill out and send back within the date specified at the top of the AQ. What you can do though, is when you send off your copy of charges to DG and have recieved your AQ, phone DG up to make sure they have recieved your charges list, and apparantly they sometimes send out an offer. Hopefully im correct in what ive just said. HTH. This is the address for DG's: 12 Calthorpe Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 1QZ Cheers!
  8. Hello mate. Thanks for your pm and reply to this thread. Im gunna phone them up in a bit and see what they say. NERVOUS.com
  9. LOL @ sabotaging! only just seen this. Dont worry about it, we all need help at this!
  10. as my thread mate, good luck as im in pretty much the same area as you are.
  11. lol, ive just had an email to your thread, he he! i noticed that you got you AQ today aswell. Will give them a call tomorrow. What did you say to them exactly? Good luck to you to! Cheers!
  12. hiya, thanks for your reply. the last date for filing is 30th December. So 15 days from tomorrow, and i assume DG would have recieved my schedule of charges by now, so i will call them and ask whether they have recieved them or not. Sound good to you? the court isnt far from me at all i dont think.
  13. oh, and i checked royal mail but it didnt say today, so might come up tomorrow.
  14. i was just getting confused about what babsp2000 was saying. So, do i send off the AQ and money now, or wait till about 3 days before and then send it all off then? how will it get resolved quicker? Cheers
  15. forgot to say i sent it recorded to DG's.
  16. ah ok i see. I sent off my list of charges first class yesterday, so they should have got them today. What do you reccomend i do then? it says i have 14 days to send this form off. Thanks. (getting nervous now!!, lol)
  17. RIGHT! got my AQ today, but attached to it was a brief letter saying i have to pay an extra £100 to my local court. Is this right? if so, how do i claim it back? Thanks Mike p.s: is there anything else i need to be doing/knowing?
  18. excellent advice. So when they go for a date for court, is this when i need to send out the zip you have just put up? ive added to your rep.
  19. hiya. Thanks for your reply. What is the court bundle all about? i just thought when the solicitors ask for a copy of the charges, they had 2 weeks to pay up, or it was forced on them to pay. Thanks a lot for your help. Mike
  20. ok, sounds good to me. i have an urgent question though! claim was defended i think yesterday. So should i get the allocation questionaire soon then? and how long have they got left to pay up? i sent off a copy of the charges this morning ist class recorded. Cheers for any help Mike
  21. i can send one tomorrow if its any easier?
  22. ive just realised. Was i supposed to send a copy of my charges including interest to the courts???? DOOOH!!!
  23. ah right, even though i havent sent off a copy yet with the charges? the only charges sheet i have sent out is when i wrote to HSBC with a list of the charges, but this did not include the interest. So, do i only have to send out the original one again, minus the charges? Cheers for your help
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