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  1. Hello everybody!!! Thanks so much to the last people who helped me claim my last lot of money back.


    Now, HSBC have taken the liberty of charging me AGAIN for the last few months where i have gone overdrawn!


    SO, whats the process of this? do i have to start from scratch again, like i did before? or can i send a letter to The solicitors asking for my last few months of charges back?


    Has anyone done this before?



  2. Sorry about the late reply, i didnt have any emails with topic replys....


    Thanks for all the replies people. Yes, im WELL chuffed that i recieved the offer. Gunna keep an eye on all the threads from now on, and help as much as poss. Will be donating as soon as i recieve some money! woo hoo! There are some good people on this board (lateralus, skintch77 and un1boy namely), that arent selfish at all. And thankf to the girlies for there support. Shame there arent any piccies though, a boys. ;)


    Anyway, will get this letter sent off ASAP, and hope fully see a cheque/credit from the to*sers soon. ;)




  3. OH MY GODDDDDDD! Guess what i got on the 27th???? An offer in full!!!YEEEEEEEEES!!!! Thankyou SO SO SO SO much to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially the regular contributors.


    Anyway, i faxed back a signed copy of the payment form, but i now have to notify my local courts that they have settled, and the AQ is due by tomorrow. How would i go about notifying them?


    once again, thanks to everyone who has helped me.



  4. hiya. Im in the same boat as you. I called them last friday to see if they have recieved my list of charges, and rachel phoned me back to confirm, but didnt mention anything about an offer. So gunna phone again tomorrow and ask how my claim is going. The courts want my papers back by the 30th, so i have a little while longer yet. good luck!

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