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  1. I've been working for current employer since Feb 08 and was contracted to 45 hours per week with one hour for lunch. In January my colleague was tragically killed in a car crash, since then his job and my job have been merged into one. The new job role requires me to start one hour earlier every day which is being done as paid overtime (when they bother to pay me that is). My contract states I should receive 1 week's written notice of any changes to start and finish times outside my normal working hours – I never received this.


    I seem to recall reading somewhere ages ago that if you work additional hours for a certain period of time that then forms your contracted hours. Is this correct?


    The main reason for asking is that I’m taking 3 weeks of holiday leave soon and I’m wondering whether I should receive these overtime payments whilst I’m on holiday leave.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Can anyone explain why CEL and other such parking "companies" are still trading if they are failing to abide by the DVLA's code of conduct, sending threatening letters with implied legal status etc...


    Personally, I've made complaints to Trading Standards, the OFT and the Police. I'm certain many many others will have made complaints as well but still it would appear the authorities are turning a blind eye to such matters.


    Or is it simply a case of the Government are making money out of this so are in no hurry to put a stop to it?

  3. That's a shame as it reads like they were beginning to crumble.




    Having now read the letter I thought it was CEL's last throw of the dice before giving up.


    Obviously I've expressed this to my friend but she's had enough and wants it sorted once and for all. In fairness to her, she's under an extreme amount of pressure with work and personal things so in the end something had to give.

  4. My friend has received a two page letter from CEL replying to a letter I sent them some four weeks ago, stating why they believe the parking ticket is valid and how they are registered with various different bodies etc...


    Finally they have offered her to the opportunity to pay with the original amount of the ticket, in this case £60. Against all advice she has decided to pay this amount and in her opinion have done with it once and for all.

  5. I've just thought, now Newlyn are apparently passing back the file to CEL to action court proceedings. Surely proceedings are now more likely to happen given CEL enlisted the services of Newlyn to chase the "debt" and as a result Newlyn will be charging CEL for their services. Therefore would it be right to think CEL will try to recover this cost?

  6. I'm acting on behalf of my friend, so it's whatever I decided to but yes I'll let you know gladly.


    The last letter I sent Newlyn I requested them to hand back the file to CEL as the debt was in dispute. So if that's what Newlyn do I guess it's a partial victory in a sense.


    CEL have threatened court action several times in their letters but never gone through with it, the chances are they wont issue court proceedings when the file is handed back to them (or at least that's what I'm hoping).

  7. Has anyone actually been taken to court by CEL?


    My friend recently received a final reminder basically saying pay up in 7 days or we're taking you to court blah blah blah. I've read the advice threads on here and advised her accordingly including sending the letter telling them to invoice the driver and not the registered owner of the vehicle.

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