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  1. Dear all, I am trying to get two defaults removed from my credit file. I have used a couple of template letters to send to the companies involved, and the first one I sent was asking to obtain a copy of the default. I have received a letter back from these basically fobbing me off saying that the CCA is for active agreements only and therefore they are under no obligation to provide me with the requested documents as my agreement with the company has ended. Is this true? The default is basically showing on my credit file as a settled default!
  2. Thanks very much for the response. I have also posted another question on this forum, any chance you can have a look at it for me as I dont seem to be getting any responses?!? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/251169-aktiv-kapital-problems.html?highlight=aktiv+kapital Thank you
  3. Hey everyone, Just a quick query I have been sent the usual bla bla letter from Advantis Credit telling me that I owe £167.42 from a previous water bill for the period ending 23/07/07. I do not have ANY recollection of this debt at all. Please can you tell me where to go with this? They are asking me to get back in touch with them within 10 days to recover the debt or they will take further action (its the usual standard letter) Does anyone have any template letters I can use to ask for proof etc of the debt as I do NOT know of anything to this debt?!? Regards
  4. Hi All, Hope your all well. Im just after a bit of advice for a friend of mine... He has just checked his credit report and has seen a credit agreement has been added to his report stating the following: After seeing this, he opened up an online dispute with Equifax and disputed the fact that he never received a default letter from Aktiv Kapital. He went on and said that the law states that before a default can be issued, the lender has to send a default warning letter. The lender never gave him a final 28 days to settle the agreement, details of what the default was, and the effects of one being lodged against his name. Therefore, he argued the fact that the default issued against him was done so illegally by the lender because the correct paperwork procedure was not followed. Aktiv Kapital replied to him and told him to call them up, quoting a reference number. He did this in December 2009 and Aktiv Kapital said they would send ALL relevant paperwork out to him with regards to the default. To this date, nothing has been sent out to him therefore I would now like to take this officially for him to try and get the default removed! Any ideas where I can start? Thanks guys
  5. Hi Alloyz1, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I think its a no win situation to be honest. But, thanks for looking
  6. Just a quick note, someone has said to me that because Blackhorse are a member of the FLA, they said I can try my complaint with them because the FOS failed? Are the FLA any good? Just having a little browse on there website and theres a page on "The Code Of Practise." I can easily pick up where Blackhorse have not followed that just by quickly browsing through the code!
  7. If anyone requires the full terms and conditions of the agreement, then please let me know. I can always scan it in if its needed.
  8. Thats everything (I think) Any questions/queries, please feel free to ask. Thanks for all your help SL8R
  9. Financial Ombudsman Response Page 4:
  10. Financial Ombudsman Response Page 3:
  11. Financial Ombudsman Response Page 2:
  12. Financial Ombudsman Response Page 1:
  13. Blackhorse Final Response Letter Page 2:
  14. Blackhorse "Final Response" Letter Page 1:
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