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  1. I have belatedly learnt NEVER to let a bill date go by without ensuring the power company get an actual meter reading. We changed to Sainsburys and got the fixed deal to next year (-more luck than judgement). BUT Npower then slapped us with a final bill for £400+ even though we were on DDebits. We can only pay £37 a month for a year. They charged us the excess units at the latest hugeley raised price the so and sos, even though we could not possibly have used so much in such a short time.
  2. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply to my question, No, I have had three jobs since, one for a year which I had to leave as the money was too low once overtime was cut, two short term jobs ( one I left as I was assaulted on my seventh day by a `fellow worker, whom I subsequently found out to have been known to have a short fuse and that company wouldn't do anything about it. The problem is that I do have a copy of this Mr Electric Guildford owner's reference which he supplied to a company, but I want to make sure that this vindictive man has not sent another one out to someone.
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply, I should have been clearer b4 posting, I have been in correspondence on this basis for several months, and he merely returned copies of my CV and job contract, which of course I already have. After several more letters his last reply was to finally admit he had another document, but could not send me copies as it would infringe on another persons confidentiality. I replied that he merely had to blank out their details and then copy this document to me. I have not received a reply.I have complained about him to the ICO and their reply was unhelpful. I have no money to pursue this, and do not wish to become vindictive myself in pursuit of this mater, perhaps I will have to let it go and hope I do niot get refused a job opportunity in the future
  4. I have tried to get copies of my all relevant records held by a previous employer who I know gave me an inaccurate reference, I have seen a copy of the one he gave another previous employer. Anyone know please how to go about this as I need to get security clearances which involve checkable work references. This very small vindictive employer -who is a franchise holder of Mr electric franchise is just playing around with me.
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