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  1. I've heard this sort of thing from somebody else, I'd like to see it happen. This woman and the rest of her cronies need to be put to rights.
  2. Well the news is.... Sherforce themselves put an Interpleader application forward which is basically a costs hearing. The master dealing with it dropped their costs from £1840 down to £660, I knew I would have to pay something and was happy with the results. Thankyou Tom tubby for your help. Now just to move forward with a complaint about their behaviour, now that it has been proved their fees were over the top.
  3. For some strange reason the payments I set up with Philips didn't go through so they added £200 to the bill. I paid the full amount I believed to be owed and sent an SAR. They got back to me saying that they were unfortunately overhauling their system and couldn't answer parts of my request and would send back my £10 A week later still no £10
  4. This is now between my solicitors and theirs and the court, I will post more about it once there is an outcome.
  5. They cannot claim they did not recieve it as it was not only sent registered but they cashed the cheque for £10 which had "For Subject Access Request" written on the back. I will email them, but I have done so before and never recieved a reply, so won't hold my breath.
  6. By the way the HCEO website seems to be having difficulties, very convenient.
  7. I have had no response from Sherforce regarding my Subject Access Request, so I will now put in a formal complaint to the court, OFT and all of the different Associations. Any other suggestions would be appreciated
  8. That's not true it is exempt under a clause stated on thier own website, they tried to tell me that I was only exempt up to £150 worth of goods including my vehicle, they will try it on all they can.
  9. Get some idea of what their fees are for, I have had an HCEO trying to charge me for all sorts of things they haven't actually done like walking possesions and valuations of goods. Send a subject Access Request letter for this info, there are plenty of threads on how to do this. It is most likely you don't owe them anywhere near as much as they are trying to charge. If you can pay the original amount and court fees off they are then chasing their own tails.
  10. Send a Subject Access request letter to the HCEO for a breakdown of fees, don't let the officer into your premises and try to pay the original fine and court costs. Then they are only chasing their own fees that they need to justify to you. I am experiencing something similar with Sherforce at the moment
  11. Something that has confused me and I hope one of you can enlighten me? On the AHCEO website it lists all of the HCEOs of which are the 4 from Sherforce, but the guy that visited me is not one of these and not registered himself. So I take it he is not an HCEO only working for them. So what rights does he have, should he be registered in any way? As far as i can see, I was never visited by an actual High Court enforcement officer
  12. I sent off a letter of complaint to equita about this to which they replied it would be dealt with within 14 days. 21 days past and just as I was leaving for the post office to post another complaint my own post turned up with a letter from equita. They say Having noted the contents therein and given the close proximity between our dispatching our notices of the 19 and 20 March and the Bailiff allocation I have taken the decision to review the cost element incurred to you. At the time of despatching the aforementioned notices the outstanding balance to pay our company was £261.13. in consideration of the circumstances I have arranged for you to be refunded the sum of £172.50 being the sum incurred as a result of Mr X and Mr Y's involvement. The amount of £261.13 as well as the credit card processing fee of £1.00 has been retained. I am sorry that the conclusion of the warrant has not been as straightforward as one would have liked but hope that by applying the refund you can be assured of our best intentions. The card used will be credited within the next 14 days. Ahhh, what nice people, and whilst I'm happy to get some money back it still doesn't add up. Should I be happy with what i got or go in for the rest too, I might even give the bailiffs who visited another call and ask for an apology being that the letter states they were in the wrong, I would love to see them squirm a bit.
  13. The other thing I forgot to mention was that the letter the HCEO gave me this time had the printed amount which looks like £2277 or something scribbled out and the HCEO had written £3169.28 next to it. Surely he cannot claim anything i he has crossed out a figure asked for by his company and added to by himself (not that i believe to owe them anything anyway)
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